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Rack Breamin'

Bream Mad

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Hi Raiders,

Just got back from my belated summer holiday with plenty of stories to tell :biggrin2:

After some serious storms i hit Berringer lake early pre dawn, conditions were light drizzle.

Bream were smashing prawns of the top left right and centre so i rigged up my bubble pop 35 and casted to the commotion. Not sure how aggressive i should retrieve it i blooped the popper along with plenty of long pauses. Bang it gets smashed of the top and my first popper bream comes to hand, stoked :thumbup:


As the sun rises i move around to the oyster racks were the racket is astounding!!

Crack,crack , crack the sound of bream jaws gasping at helpless jumping prawns is a sight to behold :1yikes:

The lake bottom is covered in thick noctious weed and basically means that you have to keep your lure off the bottom for sucess. I tie on a premium SX40 to 6 pound leader and start casting down the alleys of the old broken up racks. Tap.tap, crash i'm on again, despite his best efforts i am able to keep him away from the racks and into open water were I land a better bream around 33cm :thumbup:


I continue up the alley and tighten the drag up. Again the lure is smashed by a much bigger fish who trys to drag me in but we part company amost instantly :thumbdown: a closer inpection of the lure shows straigtened hooks on the back owner treble :mad3:

I keep casting after bending the hooks back into shape a the SX40 in hammered again but luckily he pulls clear of the racks and the battle begins. Then he relises his error and powers back home under the shallow trays. I release the tension slightly and wade in to fetch him out, somehow the leader stays intact and I grab

a shocked bream better than a kilo for a few pics, my largest ever caught on a HB.


He is 39cm overall or 35.5cm fork lenght and promply released as all big bream should.

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Woohoo! :yahoo: Great report and pics, Bream Mad. :thumbup: Catching bream on poppers and small HBs like Tiemco Stick Minnows has been keeping me busy of late. It's a pretty addictive form of fishing, eh? :biggrin2: Some great fish there. I can sympathise with the feeling of losing a big bream shortly after hook-up - I hooked one in Botany Bay on a little Tiemco that promptly snapped the middle treble! It was a cracker - saw the big flash in the water as it took the lure. "That's fishing" anyway. I have landed bream, flatties and whiting on the hardbodies - great fun in shallow water. There's a few pics of my results here:



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I havent fished Berringer for years it sounds like it still produces well.

Unfortunately we lost the racks in Botany Bay to the dreaded QX so I may have to wander down to get the blood pumping trying keep the buggers out of the sticks.

Good report


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hey there if you dont mind me asking what brand type and colour poper were you using :thumbup::yahoo::biggrin2:

It's a River2sea Bubble Pop 35. Colour is gold/red. I owned it for a while but never used it before, but it seems to do the trick. Also tried some squidgy bugs unweighted but the Bream were not as cooperative that session


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