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Fishraider Workshop No 1


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Hi Raiders ,

We have just completed our very first Fishraider Workshop at the Kingsgrove RSL :yahoo:

The night went very smoothly indeed and was very well patronised by a lot of members and their guests.

In excess of 40 people turned out for this great night of informative tuition.

I would like to thank our guest speakers firstly,

Red (Ange Stamos) for his wealth of knowledge on reel maintainence and drag honing skills. One of our members brought along a reel in very poor condition. Red proceeded to dismantle the reel and show us how to clean it and re-assemble it in a most expert fashion.










FishfinderTony (Tony Davis) for his expert tuition on bait rigging of skipbaits and trolling baits. The crowd were enthralled watching Tony sew up a mullet for skipbaiting and garfish for trolling. We watched his dab hand in the art of baitrigging.










Sammy 0084 (Sammy) for his technical knowledge on the bimini twist(which is a bugger to do by yourself). I showed members a plait and a catspaw, mainly used for gamefishing. #1son aka Brett sucessfully tied a plait on his first attempt and I was very impressed.





The Mods..... Johnno, Rzep, Flightmanager and crazedfisherdude for helping keep everyone organised and not left out of any of the proceedings.

Mrsswordfisherman for her expert skills in organising the whole night :thumbup: .

Donna had prepared a spiel for me, but as I am blind as a bat I went for the adlib and stuffed up most of the introduction :074: .

Jim Hall and his Fishing Club and members and the Kingsgrove RSL for allowing us into their great venue.

Everyone enoyed themselves on the night and it was great to meet so many new raiders for the first time. Evaluation sheets were handed out to all and judging by the massive amount of positive comments, we will be continueing with these workshops. Watch for the next one in May.

The Club even supplied us with cheese and bickies and peanuts for the tables :thumbup: .

We didnt leave until well after 11pm and cant wait to do another one in the near future.

Big thanks to all that attended and we hope to see you and many more Raiders at the next Workshop.

Cheers Stewy and Donna

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For those of you who were unable to attend this evenings workshop , be sure to mark the next one in your diary !!

I also would like to thank our speakers for the evening , I personally gleaned some very valuable tips on many facets of the sport.

Once again , Stewy and Donna had gone all out to make this workshop run as well as it possibly could , great work guys , I look forward to the next one !!


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Thanks everyone for sharing their time and knowledge on a great night. I learnt a lot of practical tips. Definately helps to see things done in person. Also a special thanks to Stewy and Donna for organising the night.

Can't wait for the next one.



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What a top night and great venue!

Many thanks to those that spoke and demonstrated and of course great to meet fellow Fishraiders.

Donna and Stewy fantastic job organising.

I am certainly looking forward to the next one.

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I too would like to add my thanks to the who organised and shared their knowledge last night.

As a relatively newcomer to the fishing world (thanks to :wife: ) I certainly learned a lot and it was great to be around a bunch of people who are only too happy to share what they know. :1clap:

Cant wait for the next one.

Now to go practice those knots and maintain the reels. :D

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I had to work and couldnt attend :(

If I had I would have caught up with a bloke I havent seen in about 9-10yrs.

Its that bloke sitting in the chair in those pics in the white top,Angelo.

He is a cousin of a old friend of mine and he used to hang around a

smash repairs bussiness I owned back then.I even painted his boat for him

a twin hull monster if my memory is correct.

Top bloke,and always willing to take people for a fish, :thumbup:

Ang if u see this check ur pm's


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Bloody hell I'm so far out of the fishing loop at the moment, completely forgot it was on, goes to show why I should check this site even when I don't have time for fishing :1badmood:

Looks like a good night really wanted to get the good oil on reel maintenance too Bugger :ranting2:

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Great night, very infromative. Getting stainless steel washers dead flat, teflon grease, hooks through garfish and mullet, plaits, bimini twists and thanks to Fishfinder Tony for showing me the sliding snell and giving me your sample tied in 150lb mono!! Also thanks again Tony for the personal delivery of the Zoom SPs.

Was good to meet other Raiders in the flesh. Hello to Cruiser, Lunarsea, lil'whiting & :wife: Hope we all get to catch more fish after the seminar.

As I was mentioning to Mrs Swordfisherman, I never thought I would get involved with an on-line community but Fishraider is special - it's a real community with real people with something to share!!

Thanks Mr & Mrs Swordfisherman for organising and to the speakers for sharing their knowledge. I WANT MORE!

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Thanks to everyone for the great comments :thumbup:

We do have more workshops planned and booked. The information collected from the evaluations that members filled in last night has given us more ideas on topics/speakers.

It was great to meet all the new members and have a chat.

Cheers mrsswordfisherman

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Fishraider IS special pmak and its all the members who make it so :thumbup:

It was great to meet some raiders and gain some excellent knowledge from some very experienced fisho's and sponsors.

Thanks guys and gals for a top night!

And a big special thanks to the swordies for their efforts to organise this event


Now back to practising my plaits!

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Awesome night :thumbup:

Excellent venue and the beer was at that perfect temperature :1prop: Great to put faces to the names and to meet a few of the fearless mods. They are human by the way :tease:

I was impressed by the amount of people that were actually interested in reel maintenance. Quite shocked realy. It made the demo easy :thumbup: Nothing worse than speaking to a dis-interested crowd.

If my little demo helps just one person, then i will consider the night a success. I'm sure Bunnings sold a few extra sheets of wet and dry today :1prop: Don't forget that Shimano drag grease which should be available at Fishfinder Bait and Tackle. It's excellent stuff!

Thanks again


p.s. Penguin, fancy finding you here mate :1yikes: . We have some catching up to do.

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Thanks to everyone

i had a great time.

Thanks to all the speakers and people who organised the event the swordies and

the RSL and Co.

also the people who turned up if it wasn,t for everyone it would have been such a great night.


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thanks donna for organizing a great night! :thumbup: . very informative. and stewie as you said you dont do any thing so! NAH thanks stewie.

ange thank you for your knowledge on maintaining drag systems, i was real keen to check out the inner workings of the overhead but sammy was giving a great lesson on everything about braid and way absorbing so much great info that i just couldnt drag my self away, thanks heaps sammy.

and thank you tony for your time, this kind of fishing i think is a while away for me but now i know that its out there and very interesting! and who knows my fishing is picking up so fast since ive been with fishraider that it might not be that far away any way!

thank you

luke. :thumbup:

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Yes, thanks to Stewy and Donna for a great job in organising the event. It was nice to meet some of you and good to put some faces to names.

The demos were great and very educational. They were pitched at the right level, and delivered with great humour and wit. Thanks to Red and Tony for sparing their time to give the demos, very much appreciated. It is good to see things done in the flesh, as opposed to reading about them in books.

Shame I could not hang around for the knot tying part, I will certainly try to make the next workshop.

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