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Lilli Pilli Baths

Guest IFishSick.

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Guest IFishSick.

Hey Raiders,

Got up this morning planning to finally land my first Frigate Mackerel. Got to the water at ten to five ready to go. Threw my metal about half heartedly until sunrise when the action began and I started putting some effort in.

The Frigates were busting up along the netting of the baths, threw my lures in their face but they just wouldn't take it. While I was madly casting lure after lure, Fishraider gio came up and said hello. During a bit of a chin wag I threw one into the middle of no where and hooked up to a Watson's Leaping Bonito. Now this guy wasn't all that big, but for me, never landing a fish with a metal before it got the blood pumping.

After a very short tussle, no line being lost I got him to within 10m of myself he turned around and said goodbye pulling the hooks from his mouth :ranting2: I could not bear it, bad words everywhere, kicking and hitting of everything around me. I calmed myself down and resumed.

After 2 and a half hours, and a bit of squidding which resulted in 1 cuttlefish, I was throwing lures over and over and I got a bump while reeling in. Next cast everything goes tight and the rod is nearly reefed out of my hands. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz goes the reel, 3 more times taking about 3m of line each time with 5lb of drag. This fish didn't fight like what I've seen other Mackerel's do, he was swimming up down and everywhere. He started swimming straight for me so reeling in madly and trying to catch sight of him I saw he was 50 odd cm, very fat and a brilliant green. It was a Frigate for sure and I had him.

Then the unthinkable happened, while he was being pulled in for the last 3m of line, he was swirling everywhere then puts it into high gear and rages under the pylons and cuts my leader clean in two :ranting2::ranting2::ranting2: To say I was absolutely FURIOUS would be a massive understatement. More tantrums all around because I still havn't landed a Frigate Mackerel.

To end the day off I cast the leader and another lure into the water never to be seen again. I know how gio feels about him losing a couple to the net and poles when the wind blew them onto them, but a whole lot worse.

I'm off for a 5 day holiday to try and forget my mysery...........but when I get back I'll be out everyday trying to nail that fish.


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IFS - to borrow a phrase from Stewy - That's what I'm talking about!!

I know it seems unlucky now, but the truth is that it is through this kind of experience that we all grow as fishermen. I must have thrown away several thousands of dollars of fishing tackle over the years due to poor knots, lazy casting, abraded leaders - you name it - but I've learned a lesson from every one. You've suffered a loss, and now your brain will have come up with a slightly different plan of attack for the next session - and when you get the right combo together you'll be nailing them.

The beauty of your approach is that it's entirely self-motivated. You're out there trying to catch mackeral without having ever caught one before, and are learning as you go - without the need for any prodding or prompting from more experience fishos. It's really a testament to you that you're putting the effort into learning something new.

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They were like that at Huskisson a month or 2 back - virtually tossed the kitchen sink at them & they still wouldn't take it - even tried bait as well.

Shame about the losses, tho! At least you got a cuttlefish, tho!

Ya win some, ya lose some - makes you more determined to do better next time!



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Good to meet you today ryan spewin about those 2 fish :05: but anyway thats fishing. If its any consolation it was one of my worse days aswell. Apart from the lost lures, :ranting2: after we moved to the other side all we got was a handful of tiny snapper and i rkn i just about caught every toad in the hacking if thats possible i had my grandfather in stitches, it was one a cast for about an hour :thumbdown::mad3:

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