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Easter Jewfish


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G'day Raiders

Braved the weather this morning and went out on the Hawkesbury with two good mates.

We managed to catch most of the usual suspects - tailor / yakka / shovelnose / bronzie / port jackson / flathead and then I had the good fortune of catching this nice little Jewie.

Caught on a Baitrunner 3500 using large strip of tailor

He went 8.5 kg and is now in cutlets and chilling in the freezer!

Happy Easter to you all.



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nice jew :yahoo: . ive found using live squid a good way of eliminating the toothy critters,seem to catch more of them with flesh baits.strange no hammerheads though. ive been tempted down to syd harbour last week and scored my first kingy and am hoping to back up tomorrow or monday but seeing that is nearly enough to bring me back home chasing the almighty jew..... i bet you had that spot all to yourselves with the shitty weather hanging around..... makes it all worthwhile when you score one like that.... cheers....steve...

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G'day Raiders

Just some replies to a few questions...


In gear and a hand tight drag. I was holding the rod when it went off. It took off like a steam train.


No mate across the river near Gunyah


Juno was a car park at high tide and then the weather came in and there was a little bit more room!! Yup there are a lot of small sharks of all kinds around. Makes you wonder where the moms are?



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