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Sydney Harbour 22/04/07 More Pics Added


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Hi all,

What a day we had jason (hook'm) & I set out on a last minute fishing trip dession in search of some squid at the wee hour of 1am from tunks! with 1 thing as our target to gather squid and snap frezze them for latter date or should i say latter bait :biggrin2: .

The squid started off thick and fast within 1hr we had 10 in the well, by 6am we had over 20 squid, we had accomplished what we came out for and also landing the biggest arow squid ive seen went 38cm total length and got it on a WATTO lumo sparkle jig thanks again watto pure gold mate! and With only a few minor hickups along the way like the second battery dying and the bait pump not working and 2 squid dying due to lack of surculation. with that all fixed we were back on track!

The monster squid and the jig that did the damage!! The live tank full of squid.

post-3412-1177221326_thumb.jpg post-3412-1177221652_thumb.jpg

Now being the keen fishermen we are we decided stuff it lets get out and get some kings. We quickly decided that downrigging was the way 2 attack them as the kings in the harbour have been few and far between over the last couple of weeks.


So after 1.5hrs of dragging a 7lb bomb around the Harbour with all to show a 55cm grinner that smashed a whole squid :thumbdown: we then new we were prob going home empty handed.

So we decided to go have a anchor up and get some baits down it didn't take long b4 i was on and landed a nice little sampson went 40cm.

Then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Jasons rod screems off strike nothing :ranting2: this happened 4 more times, then out of nowhere the squid head i had down screams off zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i lift and strike i am on i pushed the reel up to strike wich is set at about 8kg this didn't even bother him he's still screaming off in the other direction looking for somewher 2 bust me off peeeling line off like it was out of gear i decied to push it right up into overstrike aprox 12kg, now this slowed him down considarbly but he was still managing to sneak some line of me!! bit by bit i fought this brute and after about 10 or so min a beautiful 87cm king was landed whoo hoo!!!! :yahoo: my new pb!!

post-3412-1177220982_thumb.jpg post-3412-1177221220_thumb.jpg

Over the next hour we managed to land a nother fine specimen of 74cm (wich we gave to a fellow fisho as he had zip) we also landed a 64cm a 63cm and a 61cm. with jason put to the test on his lite gear managed to produce the goods love the king fish vs jason fight u had mate! :thumbup:

By now it was midday and we decided 11hrs on the water was long enough so we headed back to the ramp with our kingys our squid for future trips and 2 ear 2 ear grins!! :biggrin2:

As we were approaching tunks i said to jason wouldn't it top the day off if we saw some surface acction and hooked into some kingys on lures! 30sec latter u guessed it smash smash smash surface acction and they were kings i could see that geen head racing along the surface!

Ive never seen a rig change so quick! lures were on and we were casting into this boiling mass! :yahoo: unfotunatly they wouldnt have a bar of anything we through at them!! ah well so we wound in and headed for the ramp!

What a excellent day we had! Thanks jason for being a top deckie and fishing buddy! Its days likr this u dream of!

And for dinner tonight salt garlic & pepper squid salad with kingfish and sampson fillets! mmmmmm yum!

Sorry about long post just amped up about such a great day on the water!


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i gotta say ill never forget today.Ive never seen a king bigger than 65 cm lol

and that 87 was so much bigger than the rats im used to,such a beautiful fish.

Awesome fight Dano i wish i could have gotten your video camera to work :ranting2:

Do you like the way the piccies i took make you look 150 kgs lol it musta been the wind filling the shirt hahaha!

It was such a hot bite, really intense couple of hours,i thought i was going to have

a heart attack :biggrin2:

anyway looking forward to some sleep

Cheers for an amazing 12 hrs mate!!

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Hey Dano!!!

Top report!!! An awesome day to be out....

Gotta love any day when you break a PB, but when its a kingy its twice the fun ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. You should have asked Jason to film it, got it on dvd for your personal collection. :1yikes:

Mate that was a thumping squid @ 33cm,,,,I could only imagine how many strip baits you would get out of him :biggrin2:... How about whacking him on your DR, might have been interesting to see if anything had the goads to have a chomp at it :1prop:

Well done again mate, an some top squidding there. I got inked to the S@iThouse this morning, but its all good, still got him :1prop:.

Look foward to possibly having you an Tim join us, up the coast next week! Oh, is it still 1/2 yours, 1/2 tims boat? :1prop::biggrin2:

Have a good one there! The guys I was speaking to , were not inmpressed with your nstant reports via sms whilst I was squidding

Dan (D&G)

PS Greg is talking to Jason right now, that guy is gonna need to drink a slab tonight to slow down :beersmile:

PPS Good to see you 2 leaving me in style this morning ROFLMAO!

Edited by Dan and Greg
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Thanks for all the replies! jason and I really had such a top day out, and has totaly restored our faith in sydney harbour kingy fishing!! THE SEASON IS NOT OVER YET!!! :yahoo::thumbup::biggrin2:

Here's a few more photos of the day! 74cm kingy!


Havn't mastered the photo resizing yet i have to make them so small to fit in the post! ah well


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