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Harbour - 29 April


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Went out on the boat today, determind to get a late season kingy or 2 :biggrin2:

Started of squidding about 4 , only 2 to show for our efforts though.

when it got light shot straight to the usual spot (drum east of the clifton navy wharf)

baits down ,within 10 minutes hooked and landed kingy no.1 @55cm :yahoo:


burlyburlyburly , got a school of trevs and a kingy up to the boat

wouldnt touch the 20lb stuff , so switched to 6lb and bang, nice morning work out :tease:

Got him in and a slightly better fish of 60cm.


then dad got his first ever trev @ 40cm which gave him a good run for his money .

by now it was about 8:30 , and the bite had slowed dramatically.

kept burlying but only a few smallish bream and snapper came to the boat.

had a look around manly but was fark all happening so called it a day about 10. (mission accomplished!)

Just a note, all fish were caught on pieces of bonnito, the squid was not touched , even when i shoved it in their faces . :wacko:

Our baits were getting picked to sh!ts on the bottom , unweighted baits in a burly trail did all the damage.


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ahah yeah , the sambos will be fun!

Southerly , i think its just because the water is cooling i was getting 20.3~21.0 today

the further upstream i went the warmer it was.

Yes I found the same temps on the weekend.

The rain may be playing a part too, probably why botany bay is producing a bit better.

smellier baits are the key after heavy rain my grandfather told me.

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Well done, Kingsrule!! Yahoo! If you don't have your line in the water, you won't catch anything!!!

I want to try for kingies sometime when in Sydney from a kayak at Balmoral or Tunks park or around the Spit! Probably need to wait for next year tho, if you reckon it is the end of the season already! Bummer!



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i still believe the kings are in the harbour,

its just that you gotta work hard for them and find them NOT let them find u..

sure enough there in smaller numbers but im sure theres still some lurking around...

good effort mate least u scored a couple for your efforts..


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