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Sydney To Melbourne Stopover For Trout


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Will be driving the family down for a short holiday to Melbourne (from Sydney) in late May.

As I have a young child, we're going to break the journey half way. So I was thinking I can put in a session of trout fishing :1prop:

Can anyone recommend a place to stop, which is not too far off the Syd-Melb route via Hume Hwy ?

Is Tumut a good spot to stop and fish for some trout?

I have never driven to Melbourne and have not been to any of these areas. Also if you know of any cheap/decent accomodation, do recommend it to me.

Thanks in advance


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Hi Koons

Talbingo Dam is near Tumut - anywhere in the Snowy Mtns will pretty well have trout!! Just depends how far you are willing to travel from the Hume Hwy!

I do know it will be bloody cold where ever you are - so take plenty of warm gear!!

Kenmare is a top trout fisher (as are many other Raiders!) - send him a pm - he may have some tips for you!

Accomodation - some caravan parks have reasonably priced cabins & are often right near the water. Put an electric heater in the boot in case they don't supply one (I would imagine they would, tho! Ask them!)



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It's been yonks since I stayed there but the Caravan parks right on the river taking care of any access issues and the Tumut's full of good trout, May's a really good month with the flow down to a manageable level.

Caught a few at Talbingo a month ago spinning off the wall with a pink tassie, fishing either hot or cold not much in between with Talbingo.

Regards Charlie

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Guest DV8

I just came back from Jindabyne last week and it was firing. I did really well trolling, thought bait fishing and shorebased spinning was a little harder. Tumut would probably be a bit "out of the way" if you are on a schedule, though reports were that it was fishing well. I would forget about Eucumbene all together at the moment. Although it is fishing well, the level has dropped so dramatically thatit is surrounded by deep mud making it almost impossible to fish or launch a boat.

My recomendation would be Jindabyne, and stay at Snowline Caravan Park. You can then cut across the Alpine Way into Victoria, which is a great drive.

Like i said, I was down there just last week, and it wasn't that cold at all. The mornigs only got down to about 5 or 6 degrees, and the day time was T shirt weather.

Good luck


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I grew up in the wagga area doing alot fly and lure fishing for trout in and around the snowy and vic alps and tumut's not a bad place to catch trout but its about 1/2 to 3/4 of an hour off the highway at gundagui and was very over fished a few years back. Blowering Dam holds a few trout but its more common to catch a Sh!T load of small Redfin, a few Yellars and cod. then there's talbingo dam about 1/2 to 3/4 of an hour further up the snowy mountins highway (watch out for the roos) so may be a bit far. i'd only suggest talbingo if you had a boat, if not than fish jounama pondage (hold some very nice trout and can be a pardise for fly fishing with a lot for surface active)which is just below talbing's township which there's no boat access. I'd would be Recomonding fishing the Murry river just below Lake hume (or even the hume itself produce some nice trout) at Albury Its only about 15mins off the highway.

Also just a quick note would to be to check to see if the rivers are open to trout fishing as i can't remember but i think that trout session closes on the long weekend in june and open on the long weekend in october but its been about 3 years since i serious fished these area's



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