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The Entrance Beach 17/05


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Hi All,

Took the Mrs and went out to the North Entrance beach for a beach fish. We left wednesdy night to sleep out on the beach for a bit of relaxation time, get there about 11pm and what do we realise........ we forgot BAIT :1badmood: so we drive off to servo and get a block of pillies, which turn out to be the worst pilchards i have ever used ....

So we wait till first light and begin fishing, i send the Mrs off to buy new pillies but no one at the entrance is open IT WAS 5AM so she comes back with breakfast hahah got to love her ...

anyways while we wait i hook on to a lil tailor it was legal size so i kept it for bait and then another one...

the Mrs once again goes for bait and i move the stuff about 700m up the beach .. damn wat a hike and it doesnt help having a esky that weighs a tone ...

My lovely Mrs returns yet again this time with bait ... we put thte lines out again than BANG zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz the first rod goes off and so does my mrs hahaha JOE JOE JOE THE ROD i strike and man what a run zzzzzzzzzzzz and zzzzzzzzzzzz and then up the beach then we see a fin we call out SHARK then we had instant spectators hahha so after a 15min fight which is damn hard on the beach i land a nice size school shark that goes roughly 9kg

so a few nice trevally after we start to pack up and my Mrs says to me no no one more cast plzzzzzz ( dont get jealous boys she is mine ) she hadnt caught anything yeat and was eager to before we leave .... so we put out a rod while we pack up and guess what ..... bang ZZZZZZZZZZZ she was on haaha lots of jumping and diving later she lands a beautiful salmon ....

so we pack up and leave with a nice feed of fish ,,,

P.S didnt bother with pics of the trevs and tailor as they were nothing special



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Well done Joe ,and its great to see your missus get into the action as well :thumbup: .

Nice conditions on the beach in your photo :biggrin2:

Cheers Stewy

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mate what side of the beach you fish north or south ??

i have never had any luck there man you only use pillies everytime ??

i have fish right infront of the entrance of the lake with no luck what so ever what was i doing wrong lol

hey and congrates with the missus mate mine is the same mate just doesnt want to quit haha no easy to find a chick that keen into it ay

Question is does she put her own bait on or not lol ?????

Edited by Tom Hunt
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Mate, you seem to have a bonza Mrs :thumbup:

But unfortunately she has proven to us that she CAN fish, and therefore is banned from the "Battle of the sexs" fishing comp that is currently being thought about. :1prop:

You, however , will be expected to lift your game and start catching fish with scales on them ..............................

ie: LIKE YOUR MRS !!!! :wife:

My God, us men don't stand a chance in this comp :thumbdown:

Edited by stumpy
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