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G'day Raiders,

I am in the market for a GPS Combo.

Looking at The Eagle Seacharter 640C External Antenna or 642C Internal Antenna.

What would you recommend?

I like the internal antenna idea but are they as accurate or reliable as the external.

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Hi Steve, if that is your boat in the picture, than the internal GPS will be fine. The internal aerial do not work in a hardtop boat, but shooting thru canopy or screens is not a worry.

Hope this helps,


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I have the Lowrance Lms 339 which has a internal antenna I have had occasions where it hasn't lost reception at all

And other times when the bloody thing has driven me crazy I would go the external if I had a choice again I have been told that the angle of the finder makes a big difference and If there is a lot of dried up salt on the windscreen can cause reception to be lost

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I originally had a chartplotter with an internal antenna installed on my boat but it was never reliable on acquiring satellites so I changed it for an external antenna model and it made a 100% improvement.

The external antenna is non-obtrusive and is lucky to sit 1 1/2" high on the bow in front of the windscreen.

BTW, this is just my opinion and my observations. :biggrin2:



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hi Osprey Rider,

i went through this same thing about internal vs external about a year ago.. what i found in my research was that internals were ok in a open runnabout and not real good if cabin or especially hardtop.. the external ones were better at acquiring a signal.. i went the external after much advise and this was the way for me even though i have an open runnabout.. i can remove my antenna to put away as i got a screw mount for about $7 so no worries about the creatures of late nights :ph34r: sampling my hard earned goodies.. unless they are game enough to take it from under my pillow...when i dream of those big fish my gps has to be close to mark the spot :1prop:

cheers .... steve.....

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