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What Are Raiders Doing This Weekend?


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What are all the fishraiders getting up to this weekend?

the 30th June,1st July 2007

Working for me

Also Don,t Forget next Thursday 5TH July we have our 3rd workshop


So get some brownie points up over the weekend and come along for a great night.

What ever you end up doing, BE SAFE.

And take care on the waterways.

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Ill be fishing in Middle harbor on the weekend, hopefully I can continue some of my recent run of luck.

Ill be the maori in the red jacket!!



Hi Bro,

I got a notification on my email saying I got a PM from you but somehow I can't retrieve it, maybe you can just reply in here, very willing to share.


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Picking up the new rig on Saturday, hopefuly fishing sunday, Tuesday then the Thursday depending on weather.

To all the raiders, hope you all have a happy safe a fish filled school holidays, i know i will :thumbup::thumbup: maybe not fish filled but fun yes :1prop:

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I will be working all weekend. :1badmood:

Might try to get a quick LB fish in before work if the weather is good to me.

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