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Bobbin Head


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hi all me and my mate went down to bobbin head again today. arrived there a 6:15 started fishing.

the morning was beautiful fog rising of the water sun coming up and fish biting. it started with a few

small bream about 10 or 15 cms each. then the jackets moved in again. we wound up keeping 9 the

largest of which was 28 cms smallest was 20 cms. during all this i managed a tailor just over 30 cms

which i cut up and used for bait luckily enough, because around half an hour before we go my mate

gets a solid bend in his rod and the drag gives a couple of clicks, we think a big leathery or maybe

a bream, it turned to be a flounder 30 cms plus. then just before we leave he has another solid

hookup and up comes a 45 cm flathead. both fish were caught on the tailor chunks.

was a great morning to be fishing the final count was:

9 jackets

1 flathead

1 flounder

my mate was thrilled with getting a flattie to end the day we both had a ball and look forward to a

nice feed ahead of me.

regards mark

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well done there mate, good to the see the fish on the chew so well.

sorry for the late reply ive been away. . . just using a pretty standard sort of

rig sinker swivel 2-3 foot trace and small long shank hook. . . size 5 berkley

chemically sharpened. . . my mate has only had 1 jacket bite him off i've had

none bite through. . . yeah it has all been off the wharf.

regards mark

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Love Bobbin Head lived their above Halvo's for 6 years.

Just up elkele;';'el Creek abaout 500mtrs from halvo's is a big sand flat great flaties back then. From the warf had the occasional soapy hook up with a couple of good size Jews on full pillchards or taylor strips. If you head around to Apple tree bay on the last hard left courner. Walk down to the large flat rock there is a deep hole with plenty of bream and the occassional Jew on a full moon. Great squid under the light at the Apple tree bay warf on a full moon as well.

Fell a bit nostalgic. :biggrin2:

Onya buddy

Take Care


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