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Mullet Cherry Popped


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Hey Raiders,

Couldn't stand it any longer and just had to get out for a fish even if it was in a creek right next to a noisy road filled with murky brown water.

Arrived down there at about 10:00am right on low tide :thumbdown: Started throwing around some SP's along top water hoping for a Salmon or Tailor but not much around. I noticed there were still a thousands of prawns under the bridge. Tried my new rig with a prawn fly at the back but still nothing around.

10 minutes later two big Mullet came cruising out from under the bridge, forgetting to bring the bread again I thought bugger :mad3: but non the less threw on a circle and a pillie tail and threw it out 5m in front of where they were swimming as not to scare them.

I noticed one had a fair few scales missing and some battle scars. As they got closer the biggest Mullet did as I expected, steered clear, but the rough one took the bait with one big gulp :1yikes:

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bit of fun on 6lb but nothing like if he had of been well fed, he was very skinny solving the reason why he ate pilchard.

He was a touch under 1kg and will make good bait for the trip out in the boat this week.


A few decent bites followed on pilchard under some pontoons and boats that surrounded the place but I was very happy with my first big mullet and in a 1 hour sesh.



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