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Gulp Alive - Have You Seen Them Yet?


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I reckon I'll be in the queue eventually to get some - they could work as well in normal 'bait' presentations rather than with the jig heads. Those smelt look great. The yabbie/cray would work a treat with Murray Cod, I reckon.

Seems they won't be cheap - heard about $29 a tub - but, hey! The buckets are pretty big, & lots of smelt (unless they downsize the numbers for Aussies!) You usually get about 10-12 for $10 with the current ones, don't you?

Maybe Wattos & FIshfinders have some more info ......



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yeah bud, not sure how much $$ or how many ya get, if I get the chance to trial them B4 you, I will let you know, and who knows, I might even get to flick em up your way, as the father in law has a van up there, and we go up there when we can, not often enough though !!

Regards Rod.

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Thanks Roberta.

First time I have seen these. I use Gulps regularly for reddies, bream etc, but havent heard of the alive brand before. :1yikes: I will do some research localy and see how they go. I will let you know.

Take Care


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i will sure give them a go soon. will report back on them too.

the leak is a problem though. i have left packets abit unsealed in the car before several times and the smell in the car the next day, :wacko: might aswell have left real bait in the car, and thats from the packet, i can imagine the bucket leaking :(


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