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Hi Jimmy

Put the ad on here too - a Raider may well want a new project to work on!!



Hi Guys

Thanks again for your thoughts, I have busy away at a trade show and not much time to do anything. Anyway it is listed for sale in swap & sell http://fishraider.com.au/Invision/index.php?showtopic=23165 and i will put it on eBay tonight. If anybody is interested I am happy to discuss further with them.



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Hi All

Just an update; the old boat goes this weekend and i picked up the new ride today. 2001 Quintrex Freedom sport 5m set up with live & kill tanks, its in tidy condition with 200 hours up.

Cheers all




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Looks good for it,s age Jim :thumbup:

you won,t know yourself in it as the Beam is wider then the smaller length ones

i have a 5.0 seabreeze.

Hi johnno

Its got a few bumps and bruises and has been well used for its 200 hours, but i didnt want anything to immaculate, your spot about the beam.

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What a shame Jim.

Lucky no one was hurt. Hope the new one has more luck. Drop me a line next time you visit and i will let you know what's on. :biggrin2:

Take care


Thanks Garth will do. Should be down there a bit in summer. I need to catch something after all this.

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