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Hawks Nest - Salmon


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We are up at Hawks Nest with the kids and a mate's family for the week. We finaly had a gap in the rain and wind yesterday (you can see it just above Mick's head in the photo) so headed down to the beach at Mungo Brush with some pillies. Being lower tide, we cruised along the beach for a bit and found a nice gutter. It was good to have the beach all to ourselves for a change - it can get a bit crowded up here.

post-2814-1184193363_thumb.jpg post-2814-1184193374_thumb.jpg

We had a ball with some good size Salmon until we ran out of pillies. We ended up landing about 15 between us with 2 or 3 dropped. All were returned to the sea, although some with a bit of a tooth ache. Best fun I've had in ages and hope to get into them again today.


Cheers Stipo

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I know the area you are fishing from very well. Bloody soft sand though.

It's fantastic during the cooler months with next to no-one around with some great fishing to boot.

15 salmon sounds like good fun.

You could have also tried tossing a few metal lures around once the pillies disappeared. That's just as much fun.

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good report there stipo! i might head up the coast this weekend to chase the feisty little buggers off the beach as well. lets just hope the rain predicted eases off at some point so we can get a cast out!



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nice report stipo.....good catch, there is no better 4x4 on the beaches than the little suzuki's

It's funny you say that............. we were on a private forestry job in Taralga a while ago and we put heaps of shit on this farmer who drove one of those underpowered lawnmowers.

It wasn't until our 2 Landcruisers got bogged and he turned up in his lawnmower to take us home, did we all eat humble pie !

This bloody thing just sat ontop of the mud and flew all over the place.......... okay, it was a bit sluggish when we all got in it!

Ripper car, just not a great chick magnet :1prop:



(The one armed bandit!)

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i like the sambos, hawkes nest is a top place

undeveloped and quiet unlike the otherside of port stephens

love your beach setup there with the 4x4, just missing a barbie in the backseat

and also love your number plate, hahah

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Good effort guys,

Its fantastic to have ##### on the beach.

Unless I am mistaken, I feel that salmon have made a comeback. Could it be because of the

closure of the the Eden cannary ????

Nevertheless lets protect this new fishery.

if any one has any info of any possible dangers to this new sport fishery, please inform all,

I read reports (uncofirmed) that a study is going to be made by new south wales fisheries, to determine

if the salmon are causing havoc with beach bait supplies.

All i know is that I smell a rat, I just hope that they dont try to rubbish our salmon, and give a licence

to some foriegn trawler to turn them into fertiliser.

regards ilk

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