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Blue Fin


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I saw some pictures, it was absolutely massive. Apparently it went 105kg?

I think you'll find it was a Bigeye Tuna and went 79kg...Unless it's another fish you are talking about.

A report on the Bigeye with pics will be up soon I hear.



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There was a 106kg bluefin


a 79.5kg big eye (potential new AUS record on 24kg)

i have pics of both in my PM folder :1prop: but i will leave it up to the anglers to reveal all + pics as it is not my place


Wow!! Things are hotting up out at Browns eh?

Thanks Chris.

Can't wait to see the reports.


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This one should make the Sunday papers (& fishing mags) for sure!!! Bring it on!!

Who's got a freezer big enough to store the fillets??? WHen's the BBQ??



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Do we know who the Raider is - or is it being kept a secret till they reveal it, themselves??? :icon_peace::clapping:



They are Raiders but they will report it up soon, I can say one of the anglers is Dan Trotter from xxxxxxxxxx

Hard to believe guys that 3 fish of a lifetime have all been captured this month

80kg YFT, 106 KG SBT, 80 KG BET

all record tunas

Ross Hunter did say at the workshop that our big tuna stocks may comback as a result of the longlining licenses being lowered..

He could be the nmext Nostradamus

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Most, if not all, of the tuna boats have left Forster, due to lack of fish being caught - that can only be a good thing for us, given that they were cleaning out all the baitfish schools along our coast. Even tho now a part of the Marine Park, any tuna boat that has a licence to fish this area can still drag nets to catch the schools of baitfish.

This defies logic to me - I thought this was why they were declared a Marine Park, to protect the baitfish so the bigger fish have something to chase?? I for one, hope they don't return.



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correct bft are definetly rare off syd

big eyes are very rare as well as normally only targetted at night time like swordies.

and normally the pros usually smash them pretty hard. just shows this pro license buy back seems to be helping.

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