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Quick Blackfish Session.....


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hey raiders, just a quick report was over woronora way today so thought why not take the blackfish gear and have a slash.. was bloody windy fished for about an hour either side of the low,, got two 28cm models to start.. then this big girl come along she went bout 43cm.. i reckon it would have gone bigger but shes had her tail bitten off at some stage.. anyways a pb for me... and shes cooking as i write!! top stuff


cheers livebait!!

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nice blackfish there, :thumbup:

i didnt think you got them that big in the woronora.

dont they taste great,one of my fav fish..im eating one as i type....mmmmmmmm.

if its not the rain its the bloody wind eh......

thanks for the kind words raiders..... mate last year in the wora i saw and caught alot around the 35 mark and fat too... that will get the mouth watering!!! :beersmile:

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Nice fish, Live bait - shame her tail was bitten off ... one side is usually longer than the other .... you may have knocked me off the pedestal as 'biggest fish to date"!! :biggrin2:

Where there is one, there are more!! Where i caught my big one, I havae been busted off by bigger & I swear, one was at least 50cm & it wasn't a drummer! Hope to find him/her this year (now that I have had more practise!) :wacko::1prop:



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Well done Live bait,

Has anyone ever noticed or is just me. I reckon that when a blackfish gets over the 40cm mark they tend to change shape and take on more of a drummer looking appearance.

And when you look at the photograph that Live Bait has given us you can see what I mean.




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i'm no expert never will hold a candle to some of the other guys but blackies is all i chase and have done so foir over 20 years, now i have noticed a few things about shapes of fish, out on the rocks you get those big long slender fish (they are short in depth but they are long and streamlined) then in the estuaries you get those fat deep fish that have spent most of their life inside, also the mouth shape the ocean going fish with the big square mouth that occasionally come inside to spawn or shelter then you get the fish with the pointy slender nose, my theory is they are inhabiting the weed beds and not bashing against the rocks for a feed. And i've caught both types of fish in both enviroments. (i once caught a 6 inch fish in the horseshoe at the doughbouy this fish had all the hall marks of being born in the estuary!)

I have found that once they get to 40 -45cm they tend to start getting a deeper body, if i can i will try and find a pic of a blackie i took at the cooks River breakwall and if it had not been for the stripes i'd swear it was a pig it had all the features including the curved backbone of a pig!

Any ways thats my 2 cents worth on the mant theories of blackfishing! :wacko:

They are a mystery fish!



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