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Rough Seas At Mogareeka


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I've been travelling down the south coast for a few years and this was the first time I saw waves coming over the top of the sand hills at Mogareeka (Bega River, just north of Tathra). Actually, with the drought, it was only occasionally open to the sea.

The foam was amazing, nearly 60-70cm deep in parts and was wobbling like jelly. An incredible sight. Three days later the sea was like glass.







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[Peter , great pic's. Were the waves / surge actually getting up into the small bay area east of the road bridge


Geoff, the water was actually flowing over the sandbar, but it is hidden by the foam.

Here is a photo of the entrance across the little lagoon/bay, taken from the park just north of the bridge.


This view is from the sandbar back towards the bridge (which is just out of view on the left). There was water flowing under the foam




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Thought so. Bloody global warming rearing it's ugly head. Put up the barriers.


You're right Bart, it's that bloody global warming!

Who knows where our kids will be fishing in twenty years time? Perhaps a Raider report will be something like this:

"Caught three good snapper just west of the old 'Westfield Parramatta Reef' in 15 metres yesterday.

Tried for some kings around George and Pitt Streets - but no luck.

Hoping to try the flathead drifts along the M4 at Penrith tomorrow" :yahoo:


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Great report re the future Peter. Scary if it comes to that. Your pics will be worth a quid won't they.

Only hope that there will still be plenty of fish around then for our young Raiders.

CHEERS BART :1fishing1:

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