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Cooks River Sydney Blackfishing Session 17.08.07

Guest Ben75

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Cooks river 17.08.07

Went out today for a quick session around the pylons of the Cooks river bridge

It has been a while since my last session on the kayak so I was very keen to get back out on my Green Machine. The wind was up which made it hard to anchor up but I did get there in the end and was able to stay close to the pylons . First two hooked felt like they had some size to them my sloppy rod was bent over both times the fish diving trying to shake me both times the hooks pulled :thumbdown: It was a bit of a change compared to my last session here as the downs were non stop but mostly undersize ones. But today there were very few downs but when they hit they were all over legal biggest only 34cm still trying to beat my 35cm pb from the yak . :biggrin2: It was great getting back out on my kayak for a fish and even better with the float in the water . Final tally 4 keepers biggest 34cm smallest 27cm . All released for next time .

My Green Machine






Cheers Ben :biggrin2:

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Gday Flightmanager

Thanks Mate not a bad session not much fish but still good to spend a few hours out on the water :1fishing1:

Gday tree

Thanks Mate. Yeah that was me there is always some one keen to check out the kayak when I head out .And nearly every time they ask the same thing were is the engine :wacko:

Gday luderick59

Thanks Mate .

Yeah I use both eyelets I just had my rod there in the pic and the line fell that way .

Cheers Ben

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Gday jenno64

Mate you are very welcome to join me for a session . I work for myself I am a House Painter but the next few weeks I am helping a Mate so cant get a day of then. But I will send you a PM when I am free . Were are you based ?

Cheers Ben

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Gday Kingies till i die

Thanks Mate love my YakFishing and love my BlackFishing so had to merge them . I take it by your user name

you are a Kingie man :biggrin2: Would a Kingie hit a live Blackfish or would blackfish strips be any good ?

Cheers Ben

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Well done Ben - great looking spot there! How fast does it go when the tide is running at its fastest? Funny, isn't it, how sometimes it is a whopping big bite for a 'just keeper' then the float just dips & you're not even sure if it moved & strike anyway & it is a whopper!!! No reason to to it!

I thought your float looked like the Victorian way of doing it, too! Do they call them waggler floats??



Methinks there will be a lot of blackie fishers out today!

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Well done Big Maaaarn.

Good to see you are back on the water.

No fishing for me this weekend but I am keen to show you some good stuff on the pigs.

Dont know much but am learning fast.

Fished with my mate Steve and his mate Alex Belissimo the other day.

Learnt some more.

Gee the go hard.

Catch up soon.




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Ben, what can i say your doing it again, well done big man keep it up your getting better all the time you have started a very innovative way of luderick angling and mate you got plenty to offer to the rest of us when it combines the yak and blackies go hard! :1fishing1: Nice fish again you got to much spare time!

Catch ya when i get back.

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Gday live bait!!

Thanks Mate. I dont mind a feed of BlackFish fillets .I like to skin mine and crumb them or just dust with flour and in the pan . The ones caught on that trip went back in the cooks for next time.

Gday Roberta

Thanks :biggrin2: Its a great spot best for weekdays as there can be some traffic under the bridge on the weekends . The tide runs hard under the bridge you get some strange swirls and eddies forming around the pylons some times the float doesnt know which way to go when it gets caught in one of the strange eddies :wacko:

I know what you mean about the little fish taking that float down then the big ones just gently un wrapping the weed of the hook its always different and thats what I like about it .

Gday Wigg

Thanks Mate .Its great to be back on the water finally :thumbup: Mate looking forward to getting some tips from you for the pigs I am still trying to catch a keeper :(

I will have to catch up soon for a fish :biggrin2:

Gday luderick -angler

Thanks Mate . I did stray for a while but reading your reports made me get the float back in .

Mate I love landbased fishing but I love kayak Fishing more so it was either cut my kayak fishing down and fish for the BlackFish LB or give it a go from my kayak .Must say the first two times last year were crap but after that it all fell into place. Thanks for the advice on upgrading my hook size as I have been using size twelve hooks since I started I guess thats what the Old guy taught me tiny hooks and light line But I think thats why I lost the first two fish and they felt like good ones . So size 8 I will go thanks Mate .Enjoy your trip to Pommy land and teach them how to fish with a float would you :thumbup:

Cheers Ben

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