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More Blackies


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[Hi all,

I hit the water early this morning with Roosterman to see if we could get into some more of the big blackies that were being caught recently. :unsure:

Steve and I met up at his favorite "hot spot" :secret: about 0545 just in time for the first light to be coming into the day, and after Steve mixed up some burley we got our lines into the water.

I'd seen some good fish down deep by my tourch light so we were expecting some good fish, but the old local who was also there, commented that he had not got a single down yesterday, and it was low tide also.

We tried a couple of different spots with no luck before I returned to the first spot and got our first indication that everything was going to plan witih a good down.

I didnt connect , but put it straight out again and this time there was no missing that great feeling of weight on the line as I gently lifted the rod tip. :biggrin2:

I was trying to head it to the beach, as Steve had lost a good sized fish there last week when it got into the oyster covered piles, but he suggested he net it and with the experience gained by many years of fishing, he bought it up onto the jetty. :thumbup:

Well done Steve, thanks for the helping hand, and a new PB for me with the fish going 43cm.


We were expecting them to be on for the session, but that was the only fish caught, and with only a couple of downs over the next hour and a half we gave it away around 0800.

It was a great morning to be up early and it was even better after that fish. Steve doubled up as my guide and mentor as he gently reminded me that I had not tied the neck of the keeper bag before putting it back into the water, :o which he had done on my behalf. Thanks mate!!

I'm still trying to understand how to minimise digital pics without diminishing the quality

There is plenty of weed around at present with a very healthy crop at Turrametta, as can be seen from this pic of my daughter platting some up.





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Yeeha!! Well done, Cam & Steve!!! Don't the big ones pull!?? It is the attention to detail (like closing the throat of the bag) that gets you the fish!!

Many thanks Steve for showing Cam one of 'the Spots!'

I bet you'll be out there again, Cam!! Nice looking weed, too!! This is a style of fishing that Claire & Christine would both be able to do & enjoy!! Nothing like seeing that float go 'down'!!

Congrats on a great fish!



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hi cam,

:thumbup: on your PB luderick.

that was a great luderick and you handled him like a pro :biggrin2: ... it was hard going this morning and the tide was wrong for this spot.. it generally needs about half tide rising or falling to half to fire and the water was way to clear.. i was hoping the fact the blackfish are still schooling from there spawning run(just about finished though) that it would counteract the wrong conditions. :thumbdown: .. oh well thats fishing i suppose,it was a real nice morning and good to fish with you once again cam.. i plan to give it another go tomorrow morning or maybe give another spot i have not tried for ages....

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