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Sydney Outside 18/08/07


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Hi all hit Tunks ramp at 5am with Dad and met up with Brett and Benny for some livie gathering Yakkas and Slimies and a cherry popping Red Mowie(Sea Carp) for me, then quick run to long reef and a quick jig for one lonely Jacket which i jagged and a couple of lost Jigs thanks to LJs, heaps of action on sounder but no kings, Bottom bashed Long Reef wide for 2 mowies for Brett and I,My one at 50cm :yahoo: then tryed our luck at various other spots my Dad had marks for, for more Mowies + 1 Snapper for Benny and Heaps of throw back Wrasse, Bakers,Sweep and Cod , Absolutely Beautifull day on water with a great crew.


Partners in Crime Brett and Ben.


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