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Balmoral 19th


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Well we were going to go out on the boat yesterday morning , but dad pulled out because of the suprising amount of rain!. Decided to go landbased anyway as i was up at 3.30am and didnt wanna sleep

Went to balmoral with my mate and started flicking plastics around. A few casts in and i feel a weight and then nothing , i bring it in and there is a nice V cut into the body of the plastic. did any one say squid?

Tied on a squid jig , first cast , got him , nice southern.

Then we saw a few boils on the surface , i thought they were sambos, and they were. Few casts around the place and a nice fat 55cm sambo is landed.

After that the weather just got worse , more rain , more wind and less fish so we left. Id take that over sleeping anyday :biggrin2:


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