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Sydney Estuaries After All This Rain!


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Hey all, this is my first post here ... actually more of a question.

Going to head out early tomorrow morning to do some fishing and just after any advice of where would be the best place to try my luck either in the Parramatta River or Middle Harbour after all the rain we've had? I'm land-based and after bream and/or flatties on sp's and baits.

I've got a few ideas, just hoping for some more!

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Fish the Parra around the large drain mouths, specially with the early morning run out tide.

The bream will be hanging around them waiting for the food to get flushed out.

Good luck!


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The Brown water usually only lasts 5 days or so, depending on the amount of rain.

It should be no longer than a week before the estuaries are back to their clearest.


I generally don't bother after a big rain for 5 days or so(coming from experience) but after that, it's on!

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