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Offshore Mixed Bag 26/8 + 40 Miles Offshore 25/8


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Hi Guys....

what a winter..... between the extreme weather, cold lifeless water and simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time... taking home a bag of fish for the table has been a hard task!

Over the last few weeks we have unsucessfully tried burleying for Trevally in the Bay... thrown probably 100kg+ of pilchard cubes and hours of trolling for one run on a YFT... i had to ask myself if i had simply forgotten how to catch fish!!??

On Saturday Brett, Ben and myself hit the water early aboard TunOFun in search of the elusive Yellow Fin Tuna... we trolled, and cubed for hours and hours.. ending up 10nm SSW of the venerated "heatons hill" and about 37nm directly east of Stanwell Beach, a freakin' long way from the Cooks river boat ramp. The only action we heard of all day was a few fin that came on the chew at the 11.30am tide change. 20kg of pilchards later and 150L of fuel later we came home empty handed at 8pm.

After a well deserved sleep in i was awoken by Crazedfisherdude, who was persistent that we go fishing despite myself declaring i never wanted to see another rod and reel for a month! Anyway, with the Gf heading off to work, i submitted and a few moments later i was packing the boat and heading for the cooks river ramp on a glorious calm winter day.

The plan was to burley up either mollineux point, the drums or the oil wharf and float unweighted peeled prawns for trevally. We tried all three options for zip... Getting later in the afternoon we decided to head offshore desperate for ANYTHING!.. we hit the 50m line outside of botany, baited up with some crusty old pillies and sent them down only to be torn to pieces by jackets, i scored one that went 42cm. After half a dozen lost rigs we decided to make a run for our never fail flattie spot! it was now getting late and this was the last resort.... chris picked a nice contour line on the lowrance chartplotter and we commenced our drift.. chris was the first lucky angler and came up solid after a few angry taps, a great fight later with plenty of drag peeled off the trusty charter special a 47cm Rubberlip Morwong hit the deck. i boated a sgt baker shortly after that became bait.


Further down the drift i came up tight on a solid fish that had a nice bend in the 10kg shimano, a few minutes later a fat 55cm Southern Blue Spot Flathead hit the deck, Chris had also hooked up on a Tiger Flattie of 40+cm but was released due to my rusty net skills :(


with two on the deck and another waypoint added to the list we moved back up the drift for another shot, it payed divedends with me scoring a double headder of a 54cm Blue spot and 45cm tiger flattie. Chris finally had one on the deck on the next drop with another 45cm tiger.


With the sun having dissapeared over the land we pulled the pin, and made our way back to the ramp with a full esky and a smile!




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Good work guys, I was watching some blokes on Sunday trying to get some Trev's but none seemed to be getting any and half of them left in the space of 5 minutes.

Those YFT have to make their way down Sydney some time this season surely :thumbdown:


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Well done guys.

My boat still has that pilchard and tuna oil smell from Saturday.

Did you hide something in one of the pockets Sammy :074:

Dude that tuna oil is the most rank thing i have ever smelt! i opened my bag of tricks sunday morning and got hit with the stink again! i had to leave my wet weather gear and the lanyards in napisan! vomit!

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Awesome bag of fish guys! Well done!

Im curious to know how you use seargent bakers as bait?

If you dont mind me asking, in how many metres of water were you fishing for the flatties?


Bakers as bait is simple, just give it a tap on the nose to put it out of its misery. then take a fillet off each side starting at the pectoral fin. cut into small cubes and thread the hook through once...

As for depth... deeper than 30m and shallower than 50m ;)

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