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New From Shimano


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Hey guys, just got my hands on the new Shimano 2008 catologue and man are they some big improvements to some reels and also some new reels coming out....

The new "Fireblood" series looks awesome....a reel in between the Stella and the Aspire series it doefinate looks the goods......



There is also the release of new stradics......with the Stella type handle


Most of the other reels have also been either upgraded or given a new look

and then the new rods to match the firebloods also look awesome aswell as some new rock/beach rods also...



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The Firebloods look very similar to the Shimano Sephia which has been released in Japan for over a year now (although only in the 2500 size). They cost about $350 in Japan, but given they are to be priced between the Stella and Aspire, Shimano Australia will probably try and gouge you $600-700 a pop for them.

Thanks, Mr Dunphy :1badmood:

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Hmmmmm its nice stuff eh - guess who has a reel on order :biggrin2:

Will go nice on my new custom 2 - 3kg 6ft 8 bream tournament rod from Mr Davis :thumbup:

Guess I only turn the big 50 once!!

Cheers mrsswordfisherman

Geez I hate it when the boss has better fishing gear than me :(

Cant wait to see Donna in action with this type of gear :yahoo:

Cheers Stewy

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I seen the firebloods reels yesterday

they look very very bling alright.

they where between the $570-600 range in the 1000,2500,4000 sizes

which i am pretty sure won,t be on my christmas list this year

don,t know how they will look once a bit of boat rash is applied to them.

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not sure Rob

i just got a catalogue

and yes as netic said there has been big changes

a new size in the torsa range TS40 cap40/320

a new range trinidads DC with Digitally controlled braking system as used on the calcuttas

2 new ranges of reels Saros and seido also makeover of stradic and sustain

3 new ranges of rods

also additions to every range of rods in the range.

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