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Rewiring Transducer Cable?


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my cousin have just upgraded his sounder.

and now i have just scored his old fishfinder, only problem is the transducer cable has been cut.

does anyone know if it is a simple job of reconnecting the wires in the cable. are there any special tricks?

model is navman

cheers paul

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As some have said it can be done, and they have got away with it.

As others have said it is not recommended. The reason it is not recommended is that adding a join in a data transmission cable can change its characteristics such as impedance. This May cause reflections which could affect how the unit perceives the signal it receives.

Give it a go you have nothing to loose, as currently you have a unit that is not functional anyway. :)

If you like I can get the guy who repairs all of my electronics at work to have a look, if he can do it he would probably do it over a weekend for a 6 pack.



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thanks all for your advise.

i spent last saturday running around trying to find someone to fix it. First i tried auto electricians, no luck, they wouldn't even try to fix it. Next tried some boating places,who told me to buy new cable or new unit.

finally went to a local TV repair place in Charmhaven who reconnected it for me for $10.

tested it in the water on Sunday. It works, but not as well as it did in my cousin's boat. It gave me accurate depth readings, but showed absolutely nothing in the water. Before you say maybe there were no fish in the water, i did catch approx 15 taylor and bream (all undersize apart from one 45cm tailor) and there was plenty of other debris in the water. the unit does not have any sensitivity settings.

not to worried though, i got myself a depth finder for approx $25 ( including battery terminals, fuses etc). didn't have anything before on my 3m plywood "tinnie" so i'm better off. now i can find drop offs and changes to underwater structure


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