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Poppers Expedition Part 2


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O.K where to start????

I woke up this morning ready to tackle the great wide world of popper fishing armed with enthusiasm and about $100 worth of poppers that I have collected during the last week or so.

Got into the car and realised that I forgot the addresses of my two new mates Sharky and IFishSick who answered the call to arms yesterday.

Any way picked up sharky at about 9ish then got IFS and drove down to the lovley hamlet of mainbar. Whilst driving through said place I couldnt help but be reminded of "deliverence" and I had banjo music running through my brain (which I also transferred int sharky's brain) :074:

Anyway long story short we headed out onto the flats and started poppering the edges of the bar to no avail

Tried a few different ones but I think the current of the outgoing tide was really too strong for us to keep the units on track :(

Sharky came up with the idea of going onto plastics instead and shortly therafter he landed a small flatty YAY!!

We walked the flat casting and nothing untill sharky found a large eddy around the corner to which I casted a bright yellow grub (that I borrowed of wildfish at the social) and BAM first cast got a pretty good flatty about 50cm a plastic pb for me

whilst we were looking at the beautiful specimen we saw IFS in the background landing what we thought was a good size whiting so we went over to have a look but it was just him landing a pike

Anyway it seemed every couple of casts he got a pike so from now on I cristen him "PIKEBOY" :D

Sharky and I decided to give the little area he was in a go so we cast out and simltaniously we hooked up with heaps of weight and my drag was going off its nut. Eventually I landed a good Flattie at about 50-55cm same with Sharky :yahoo: Another cast for PIKEBOY and he got another pike :074:

and another and a pike jumped out and cut his line lol

Meanwhile shakry and I cast again and got another DOUBLE HOOK UP Both good flatties YAY!!

IFS tried changing to plastics but kept up with his pike lol and me and sharky cast again and sharky got another large specimen of flatheadedness at about 58-60 cms .

Total fish 3 kept flatheads each all over 55cms :) for sharky and my self and about 6 gazillion pikes for PIKEBOY :1yikes: By this time the tide was full down and the fishing went slack eventually we gave up and came home. But all in all a great day with 2 good fellas wd guys

and this is what I had for dinner :)



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Damn I knew there had to be Flatties around with all those

bait sized Whiting and Mullet we saw :mad3:

Ahhh well at least got the right time down to hit the place

and get results on Flatties :1prop:

Your pic looks like the end of the flats at the bouy where

the chanel comes out

Good onya guys :thumbup:


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Good read LB and yep your making me hungry with your dinner photo :1prop:

Re on the flats, maybe try the incoming tide instead. The fish then will be pushing hard up into the shallows searching the newly covered flats so they should be easier to target. They should be on the chew too if they are up there.

Just my thoughts


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yea IFS is pretty good at catching pike!

i see him do it all the time at lilli pilli

You can call me PIKEMAN!

It was great fun though watching the Pike leaping out of the water to get at the popper :1prop:

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ as long as I hear that noise I'm happy.

That's okay Sharky, you can thank me by handing over those flatties you caught on my lures and we'll call it square :tease:

Can't wait till next time.

Here's one of Sharky with one of his Flatties



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