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After Work Harbour Session


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Daleyboy & I emailed each other during the day, low and behold early knock off from work for the both of us.

I was offered a ride on Dale's boat, so quickly scooted home to grab my gear.

Funny how many red lights i encountered and seemingly how long it took to go green...

nevertheless, we were on the water by 5.20... Happy days!

We headed over to our fave marker and threw all sorts of plastic around.

Dale called a few hits after a while on a long, white worm like plastic..

Looking good..... I rigged up my light spin rod with a small glow atomic shad and had a few shots..

two heaves off the bottom and up past the marker It was wolfed by my first kingy of the season!

Some great team work driving the boat, bringing in other lines etc had me fighting this king for a good 10mins.

some serious power dives later and with the drag locked as tight as I could on 14lb fins braid saw it boated.

We came home filleted the king - I gave Dale half, and we ate some sashimi..

Couldn't be happier for an hour session on a tuesday after work! :1fishing1:



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well done on the first kingy of the season boys. What size boat do you guys have. was it a bit windy and cold out there?

There was a breeze but it was against the current so it had us sitting still near the marker!

Not cold at all..

Dale's boat is a 14ft tinny I guess.. with a 30donk on the back

Mines even smaller! (tho its the baddest-little tinny around!) :thumbup:

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