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Two Of The Best


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Some days are memorable for the numbers of fish you catch, others remain in the memory because they were so bad they produce nightmares. Occasionally one comes along that you can't forget, not because of the numbers of fish but because what was caught was so noteworthy that they dwarf all other fish in the memory banks. Billy K (Chopper) and myself had such a day at Lake Lyell on Friday just gone.

Lyell has the reputation as a tough Trout fishery despite being one of the more heavily stocked in the state and this day was no different, a lot of hours trolling and spinning for not many hits. In fact nearly all my recent sessions at Lyell had drew blanks.

Billy scored the first hit of the day after 2 hours, it was a fish that acted decidedly un-trout like and belted off in a run that would do any saltwater fish proud. Even after a strong first run the fish circled the boat like a Trevally and refused to come to the net, Trout have a reputation as poor fighters but this was something else! Finally Bily had a personal best in the boat, a stunning 3.66kg Brown Trout that had us amazed and left us shaking for the next 10 minutes. The big Brown had eaten one of the relatively new Stiffy's from the Shimano Starlo & Bushy stable proving their versatibility on more than just Bream and more than just casting....

The day went very quiet and we covered a good portion of the lake for about half a dozen missed hits and light hearted hits. We even tried down rigging, a thermocline showing at 60' had us hopefull, but nothing came our way. Slow rolling plastics down past this thermocline didn't help either and we headed out off to some area's we had never fished before. This proved to be a great move, I spinned from the front of the boat whilst trolling and subsequently my tiny Rapala Vibrax got inhaled by another Lake Lyell Leviathon! It was another incredible Brown that on 4lb gear took all my skill to subdue and even launched it's amazing bulk out of the water like a polaris missile a few times! Let no-one tell you Trout don't fight, the two mighty Browns today caused Billy and myself some very anxious moments and had the light spinning gear stretched to its limit.

Now, what was the weight of the 2 Trout you ask? Well for the 2 fish combined it was 16.72lbs! Sounds great in pounds hey! Billys was 3.66kg and mine came in at 3.96kg

After growing up in the Snowy's and years of Trout fishing I have never come across to fish of this caliber and fighting ability before.

Despite continued trolling no more monster Browns came along or any another Trout for that matter but who really cares when you have a couple of fish like that to your name? Both Trout were taken home and have all ready been devoured for those those who are interested



A few more photos

And one more






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Magnificent browns there Matt & Billy. Those are absolute monsters

and that day will live with you for eternity.

Great report had me there with you fighting the fish...and on light gear must have

been amazing.

FOTM entries for sure.



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Wow those Browns are HORSES :thumbup:

Amazing fish in top condition as well.

what was the length of those monsters?

I agree with you on trout fighting abilities, given open water trout will run just as hard and fast as any other fish, i have had plenty of TCD rainbows that have taken some stopping.

Great fish again, those are definetly fish of a lifetime.




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OMG!! Fantastic report - as the others have said, made you feel like you were there holding the rod! Trophy fish, virtually!! Brilliant result Matt & Billy, and they reckon browns are more cautious at taking bait/lures than rainbows! Take a video camera with you next time - that would be awesome to watch!

There'll be a bunch of Raiders heading out Lake Lyell way soon!!!



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G'day all - long time no speak :biggrin2: .

Thanks for the kind words guys and gals and to repeat what others have said, an awesome report Matty.

Boy, Bushy's Stiffy Minnows work a treat - my list of species caught on these things just keeps growing and growing. One thing I have found over the years when trout fishing is that browns like spots. So what I do is modify my trout lures with black or red spots, as can be seen with the lure sticking out of the trouts mouth.

The gudgeon we pulled out of the fish was the exact size, shape and colour as the Stiffy Minnow and it was easy to put 2 and 2 together as to why it slammed my lure :1prop:

Iceman - my sister in law stuffed it with bread crumbs, chilli, garlic, lemon and dill, wrapped in foil and baked it and it tasted absolutely magnificent :1yikes:

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Hey guys, thanks for the congrats :thumbup:

My big fella found its way onto the BBQ with some Garlic/Chive butter and was devoured by the masses (was my Missus' B'Day).

I wish we did have a Vid Camera Roberta, that first run of Billys fish was amazing and the jumps mine did eye popping!

I went to get the trebles of the Vibrax I used last night as they were bent and broken and I found the Vibrax itself was rather badly bent! One for the 'memories' shelf now I would think!

Heading up the Snowies this weekend, bet I won't be topping those fish but I have heard rumours of some large Browns cruising Jindabyne..!



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Great stuff men. :thumbup:

I was up there for three days with "the boys" about three and a half weeks ago and was lucky to get fish, as was the case with most of the fisho's up there on that weekend. :(

Seems I was a bit early and that was my thoughts at the time I arrived.

Only trolled for two laps for the three days and threw some rubber around for a bit. In the end I decided to put the feet up and relax by the campfire. :biggrin2:

Gee it's great to see the Squidgies brand putting the runs on the board and not just on the trout or bream.

Deadset, when it comes to their SP range, they are the best allround plastic you can get and they are so much more durable then the gulps.

Anyways, great read, thanks.

cheers :beersmile:


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I reckon it's been fishing terribly lately Paul, despite the two big Browns. I have been up there a fair bit lately for a grand total of 3 Browns (all over 3kg!) and one lost Rainbow. Not a great return for over 30 hours of fishing up there! But it's hard to complain, I like Lyell and those Browns more than make up for the lack of 'regular' sized fish.



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awesome trout mate! haven't seen trout that big come out of lyell for A LOT of years!

I was there on the saturday arvo land based for not even a hit. Too bloody windy.

same story at tcd, couldn't throw in a lure it was that windy.

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hello lads its my first post on this site and i live in the central tablelands and are at tcd most weekends(if not on the monday or lyell).there great fish guys, and if i can work out how to get the pics ive got smaller(in kb)ill show you some.as i said i fish this area most weekends and tcd has been producing some awsome fish average 50-65cm and has been fishin great,lyell has been slow for us to but when there on there big and fat.anyway great fish guys and hopfully i can work out the photo album.


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