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Gold Coast 19/11/07


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Hit the water with my dad chasing spotted mackerel.

We went out of Tweed Heads at about 4:00am as Currumbin bar is too shallow and dad was scared we would get stuck on it.

We also had my pop and two uncles on board as well. One got sea sick and it was funny.

We got lots of fish, but no mackerel. Only black kingfish which are called cobia and two strippies.

I caught my first cobia on dads rod. We were using pilchards as bait. I was puffed at the end. We got 5 cobia and kept 3.

We got no mackerel, but will try again later in the week.



My First Cobia


We stopped and took a picture of the desal platform on the way in.


Me catching the fish

PS. Dad helped me write this post. :1fishing1:

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Top fish Mitchel, Well done Kiddo!!

Got that pump and wind down pat already.

6 yrs old!!, you should be proud Dad!!!!

Sounds like the start of a long term passion!!!!

Can't wait to have my own kids to do the same thing!!

Catch Ya


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Top Catch Mitch!! You are one up on me - I haven't landed a cobia yet .... one day! Great video - you have that pump & wind action down pat! Having the rod handle under your armpit reallyl helped, I reckon!

Fantastic sunset shot, too! Looking forward to reading more of your fishing reports!



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