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Sunday Morning


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My second post, had some luck on sunday morning fishing with a friend in between the bridges in the georges. all fish were caught with fresh squid and all caught within the space of an hour including the biggest bream ive ever seen, came in at well over 50cm!! we dropped another 2 jewies during this hour too.

Hope the picture is ok, it was taken off a mobile phone.post-4473-1196055715_thumb.jpg

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Well done Ali - that is a gi-normous bream!! Congrats on all the jewies too - jewie cutlets for tea for the next week or so, I bet!

The good old squid - give em what they want & they'll come running!! Terrific!


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That Bream was probably after the Jewies as a snack - What a whopper :1worthy: . Was the bream caught on squid as well ?

yep, he managed to chomp through half of a whole squid before he got to the 5.0 hook.

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:1yikes: how goods that breambo......

and i suppose those other things look good too....

only joking.. what a great session you had there....

be there at the right time offering the right baits and those schoolies will eventually cruise through smashing the local bait population and hopefully your bait... theres been alot of good sized jew caught this year and its getting better as the waters warm up.....


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