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Jb Whitesands Tournie 23-25th Nov 07


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Hi all fished the tournie last weekend with Caige and a couple of mates, No go Friday due to weather then saturday a few missed hook ups out wide trolling, Sunday the fun day for us flat water , trolled well wide to 550 fathoms before heading north to the canyons. Caige first strike chasing points for junior running beakie spread had solid hook up on 24 on the shotty, Beakie showing high constantly, chased hard while the little man gained line 40 minute battle and she was boat side , first Tag and Trace for me and first Beakie actually to boat for us after a few lost close, then a huge effort to revive this beast, ten minutes in total before she was able to swim away under her own steam. Back at presentation Caige pulls the big one with Highest Tag and Release Junior Point Score :yahoo: and a absolute huge array of prizes, :thumbup: He cant wait for show and tell at school wednesday. :074: Cheers Dave

Chasing Hard




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Well done mate!!!!!

And big gongrats to the little fella!!!!!

We will be out on the weekend if you want to give us a buzz on the radio!!!!

Oh yeah forgot to ask where you running the witch doctor????

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Dave it looks like you'll have to lift your appearance

mate when being deckie and boat captain for a

quality point scoring tournament angler like Caige

Wheres the team Offtap shirts mate

Great job all round guys :thumbup:


Hi Chris this was our first Beakie to boat after a few lost close and i wasnt going to let myself be able to accuse one of my faithfull deckies of losing fish boatside (If thats what happened), so i put on the gloves and tried out the task of Trace and Tag myself so i was the one to blame if things turned out for worst, with many more T&Gs to come hopefully. My Aim is to get Caige up there during point scoring rounds , our first season with JBGFC.

Mate the Shirt, i handed out some harsh words due to failure to wear shirt , but the reply was i only gave him one which was dirty from saturday, what can i say, some more shirts on the way i suppose, Game fishing = Dollars. I will be getting video shot during fight edited by a professional with the addition of background music and pics , with some great action of the young bloke and the presentation night afterwhich i will be happy to get to you later buddy.Cheers Dave

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Hi Dave.

As mentioned already, as new members of Jervis Bay, we could not be prouder of you and young Caige for an absolutely sensational effort. some young fresh blood is exactly what the club needed, and if he keeps up that sort of performance over the coming season, he will surely take out champion Junior Angler. I also believe that MAY also be first Marlin for the season for the Club which I will confirm next Wednesday night.

We will be out on Saturday as discussed. We'll speak soon to discuss.

On ya dave,

Had one on for a bit on Sat. but he jumped off..Well done to you and your crew


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It's good to see Caige enjoys the challenge and has started his

game fishing so well, you've sure given him a great base to work

from for a shot at the point score

I can understand you wanting to get your hands on for Tag n Trace

even more happy that it all came together :1prop:

He got you on the shirt mate :074:

Off shore fishing is dear enough but tournament game fishing is another

level of costs :1yikes: hope you guys kick butt for your rookie year

and keep us posted :biggrin2:


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