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Happy Birthday Stumpy !


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Floats like a bowling ball

Stings like a feather

Happy Birthday to Stumpy

Old now & forever

Between chainsaws & tackle

And anchors that fail

It's a miracle that

There's still wind in his sail

But somehow he goes on

And on we all know

To enlighten us all

With his wisdom to go

Never let it be said

That age makes him slow

He's as quick now as ever

To liven the show

As the age takes its toll

I doubt he'll fade in night

The stools in the bar

Will hold him upright

Reports about fishing

May fade with his years

But posts about hair loss

Will keep us in tears

As the nose hair grows

And the top section falls

For laughter and wisecracks

He's still the bell of our ball

We don't care if he's wrinkled

All withered and grey

As long as he's posting

His gems of the day

Age shall not weary him

Or time 'er forget

There are too many posts now

To delete, I regret

Happy Birthday ya old fart.

Don't ever forget

Old fishermen don't die

They just smell that way

Edited by Boofhead
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:1happybday: muzz,

enjoy a few :beersmile: anyway may the beers be many and hangover short mate and its now a great excuse to go fishing more and pass it off as a mid life crises..

well thats my plan real soon anyway......

boofhead thats a great poem.......

cheers... steve......

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Thanks for the reminder from you all!

Boof, you write a great poem!

Just remember, you are only as old as the woman....................oh, forget it :(

I'm going to the bar!

Stumpy :beersmile:

I know how you feel stumpy. Welcome to the club.


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:1happybday: 2U,

:1happybday: 2U,

:1happybday: dear Stuuummmpyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

:1happybday: 2U.

Mid life crisis.... why is it called a crisis when you can now go out and get yourself a new boat and a new 4WD to tow it without anyone raising an eyebrow.

Enjoy mate :beersmile:

Cheers, Slinky


Good point Slinky, but usually its not you having the crisis, its all the jealous buggers seeing your new boat & 4wd & wishing they we're having a mid-life-party. :1prop:

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