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Great Day On The Cooks


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Hit the Cooks today with my good mate outdoordan :thumbup: we haven't been able to go out for a fish together for ages and its always a pleasure fishing with such a keen fisho as Dan.

I dropped Donna off at her seminar at around 7 am at the Novatel which suited us both and picked Donna up at 3 pm and brought her home.

The weather was great for a spin with plastics and hard bods and the fish didnt disappoint with Dan and myself scoring plenty of bream and flatties on sx 40s and chubbies and the good ole bass minnow in pearl watermelon.

I did have one big fish on which was undoubtedly a jew as it took a shitload of 4lb braid before busting me up big time, that's what you get when fishing light gear :05:

We were off the water by 2.30 satisfied with our efforts and we had many double hookups which really capped off a great day out and in fact we started with a double on flatties and finished with a double on bream, it doesnt get much better than that with good company and good fishing.




















Cheers Swordfisherman

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You blokes make it look just too easy :tease:

Great session and the Cooks really firing.

Don't you love it when a plan comes together like that....poor Donna stuck in a lecture

while you blokes fish and have the odd durrie :clapping:

Good on ya fellas.



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Great report Stewy & I really enjoyed the pics. :yahoo:

You boys were on fire today. That's a heap of quality fish. Shame about the Jew. Sounds like a good one. :(

I may live in God's country but I truly do miss our sessions in the Poly. Especially after a report like that!

Well done on a top day boys. Glad you got plenty Dan. :thumbup:



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Thanks Stewy for a cracker day on the Cooks,

Beautifull day, Great company, a few Breambos ,and a sh-t load of laughs and durries... It just dosn't get any better than that! :thumbup:

Shame about the bust off, :ranting2: It was one hell of a fish to pull drag like that.

Jewhunter, Let us know when you'll be down Sydney town next and we'll line something up for sure.



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Well done Stewy & Dan

Nice looking bream!! :) Couple of studs there! Shame about the bust off .... that's the trade off when fishing light gear, I guess :(

Looks like a terrific day on the water



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Another great session for Stewy and Company :thumbup:

Interesting to note that there were different hard bodies and plastics that accounted for the fish. Good to have options! Great report, and congrats to you both!


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Thats great fish stewy i envy every time

you go to the cooks without me lol.. :074:

hopefully soon my friend there seems to be

alot of magic in the cooks espeacially when

swordys around great stuff stewy :thumbup:

Cheers rizzo

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Bloody Tops!

Top lookin' bream there fellas, looks like one of the best sessions possible. Love the pics, talk bout takin' it easy and just enjoying the moment. Shame about the bust off but sounds like it didn't ruin the day one bit, especially from the enthusiasm in the report and pics.

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