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3/39 ... And Absolute Havoc!


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G'Day all

Finally had a productive session using a variety of pencils recommended by Raiders this weekend. :yahoo: Weather conditions in the morning were ideal. There was a great ripple across the surface of the water, and we had found some 'new' water with extended weed banks and masses of broken racks. The fish were there in vast numbers, but they were very hard to extricate from all the debris. I commenced the morning with the clear pencil below, and managed 6 fish bewtween 32-25cm. Satisfied that this was a successful lure, I changed to the NW Pencil pictured, and had moderate success with it. I had purchased 5 Bassday Popers during the week, but had left them sitting on the bench at home! :1badmood: Resorted to 'old faithful', and that's what the rest of the fish fell to. (Dene used that popper for the whole morning).

When the wind was up, we nailed 16 fish in 32 min, and lost one popper. The wind dropped, the surface cleared, and we caught 2 fish in the next 1.5hrs (both on the NW). The wind sprang up again, and so did the fish activity.

Vital stats for the morning? Start 7:50 am, finish 1:50pm. 39 bream landed, between 15cm and 37cm. 3 favourite poppers lost to very good fish in the racks :mad3: I have supplied a photo of the successful lures below. Tomorrow, I hope to use some new techniques on the SX40s. :thumbup: Have a great weekend gang!



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Great session Hodgey!

The other day it was so calm that I didn't bother getting the poppers out as they only seem to work when there's a ripple or three. What is that top lure?

Cheers, Rob


Top lure is a Tiemco pencil, suggested by Bream Mad. (thanks Kael :thumbup: )


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A B S O L U T E L Y A M A Z I N G!!! hodgey - you & Dene have it positively nailed!!!

Old faithful does it again - those are amazing statistics!! Glad you nailed some with the pencils too, tho! :) We have so much weed floating in the lake just now, I haven't tried lures for a while now!

We've had rain, rain & more rain since last Sunday (it managed a nice day on Sat for my friend's son's wedding here in Forster ...... in an outdoor church ....... so that was good!) Even yesterday & half of today was good ..... raining again as I type!! :(

Cheerio for now


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What a hot session hodgey,awesome fishin mate & great report too,

mate i thought i was gettin plenty on bait lately but sounds like you

guys are braining them on the lures even better.

And good Fish up to 37cm,Top stuff!!

Cheers mate


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Nice session Hodgey :thumbup:

Fished the basin on sunday and couldnt get a looker on the poppers and ecogear px changed to a nw pencil and started to get some interest then changed to a squidgy lobby fished on the surface that did the trick

Lobby was fished with the first two nodules cut off a 1/40th TT HWS inserted then a slow wind with rodtip held high to keep it on the surface soon as we saw a bowwave behind it stop and as the lure slowly sunk it was being smashed sometimes they would just come and belt it off the surface(note to self must remember to carry spare batteries for the camera)

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