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Brothers New Boat (updated 27.1.09 )


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Has he sussed out how to get the ABP(Australian Builders Plate) you need to register all powerboats,including homemade ones, since last year?I've been thinking about building a 4.5 M boat and will have to deal with this too.This is the one that caught my interest:




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So have I-I've almost finished my 6th,but they've all been sailing boats and canoes-this ABP thing is new and potentially a huge pain in the arse for amateur builders (thanks NSW Government Big Brother- follow the bloody U.S. bureaucrats mindlessly)hence my inquiry-any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Very sweet indeed :thumbup:

Nice lines.

Any thoughts on the power-plant as yet??



I think he scored a 60 for it through work

but wants a 90

Looking good

Will I be seeing it on the water down in the basin after xmas?

i think so

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very nice, but is the thickness of the timber enough to withstand the force of it accidentally crashing into rocks (God forbid)??

It looks like very thin particle board with a nice pine veneer...


Looks like half inch ply to me. From what I understand that will be more than adequate


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