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Hi all, planning a fam trip and wanted to know if anyone could share some advice on a nice destination somewhere 3-4 hrs north of sydney, i have 3 kids under the age of 3 (i know im mad) so no further.... the place must have:

1. Nice beachy area, preferably somewhere the boat can sit on the beach while the kids play

2. somewhere the missus can spend money :(:( (no remote fishing town if you know what i mean)

3. nice accommodation

4. good fishing!!

5. somewhere to put the boat (4.5m)

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Billy

You can't beat Forster/Tuncurry & Forster Beach Caravan park - situated on the Forster Breakwall, right on a terrific, safe boat marina for easy launching. Cabins that have 2 rooms (queen size bed in one & 3 singles in the other) Currently, if you pay for 3 nights, you get 4 ...... across the road from shops, movies at Tuncurry ..... good fishing (read my reports!) The campsite backs onto the Main Beach which has a great big salt water swimming pool on it as well that has its own 'beach' for safe kiddie swimming.

less than 4hr drive from Sydney!!



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G'day Billy,

I'd second Roberta's recommendation of Forster. We were there with our 2 kids last April and it was a fantastic area with all the features you listed. The waterways are great... safe, accessible, diverse. And if you sneakily follow Roberta's Yak around you're bound to find lots of top fishing.

There's even some really great spots outside, accessible in a small trailer boat. Mrs Slinky and I had a fantastic session soft plasticing one of the near headlands catching bream, pinkies, tailor, bonito, etc.

Cheers, Slinky

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Cant beat Forster, anything from1 to 5 star accomodation, Ocean, Chanel or lake fishing, Shopping is good in town and an excellent variety of eateries.

We usually stay at the cabins that Roberta has mentioned and they are very clean and Chris that runs place is always good for the low down on the fishing!

The only time we ever use the car there is to put the boat in and out which is 100 metres up the road.



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Thanks everyone.

Roberta, i think ill do some research on Forster sounds like just the place!!!!! ill drop you a pm when im heading down and maybe we can catch up for a quick hello!!!

Thanks again guys.

Is the sea quite accessible through the bar?? i have google earth'd Forster and the bar looks like a well established opening with plenty cover on each side???

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Hi Olitay

Look forward to hearing from you - the bar is usually accessible - but it can get rough on the changing tides or with some big winds, so care must always be taken - if you look on the Forster Beach Caravan Site, there is a link to a permanent "Bar Cam' so you can actually have a look at the conditions before heading out (or just walk out the gate & have a look!!)

Chris (caravan park manager) is a terrific fisho (and even nicer person) & will fill you in on all the fishing possibilities, both in the lake & offshore. He fishes with the best that are around & is very knowledgeable!

Just around the corner from the Main Beach, at Pebbly Beach, there is a terrific little 'swimming hole' that is great for the littlies - quiet water that is totally protected from the sea by a sheer rock shelf, even has a mini 'waterfall' when the waves do come over ..... not bad for fishing, either! :)

Let us know when you have some dates



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Appreciate your help Roberta!!!!

AWSOME!!! i was also thinking of heading out somewhere with my 1/2 prggers :wife::thumbup: during the chrissy break and sounds like Forster is the place to bE!

..hopefully there are some good LB spots in the area as im boatless.. :1fishing1:

...looking at Chris's place now! :)

thanks Roberta and the boys!!!!

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foster is a top spot but just a little further up the road is harrington it has all the things you seek for the kids

it may be a bit light on the shopping frount for the cook but that maybe a good thing :074:

for fishing out side you would have to go to crowdy head 10 min.up the road miles off river fishing in the manning[the bar at harrington is a no no for me] i would surgest you ring around and book now anywere you choose to stay as they are heavely booked for crissy

the van park at harrington has sercurity card acsess and cabins with tent sites and a saltwater lake behind it for the kids

cherrs gary

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