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What Are People Up To This Weekend?


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With the weekend almost here I can only dream of hitting that misty morning air at roseville ramp full of hope. Unfortunately I'll be doing "duties" around the house.

What are people getting up to?

Are the salmon schools still around?

Have fun out there. Be sure to take the camera along and post your sessions for chumps like me to feel as though we were out there too.

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Unfortunately work, work and more of it. :mad3:

Be at least a few weeks before work committments allow for some respite :thumbdown:

For those of you lucky enough to be wetting a line, good luck and enjoy the weekend.

Those suffering like me, I'll have a :beersmile: or 2 for you



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Ill be hitting tunks at 4pm this arvo to chase whatever moves in the harbor this afternoon and then gather some squid for future king sessions. Probably be off the water by about 11pm, anyone out there come say gday.

Tomorrow off to the races for some more punting and drinking madness and then a long night.

Sunday arvo fishing the harbor and then Monday morning more fishing!!

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