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King Fish Report 7 / 11 / 08


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Fished good old Botany Bay today in search of a few kingfish , with all the reports it was decided a friday fish was on the cards .... Picked up some livies and had a look at all the general kingfish haunts , Towed livies around for what felt like hours when the Rod buckled and the reel started screaming :thumbup: . Now i was glad i choose the saragoosa reel and bluerose rod combo with 80lb line this morning as im sure this fish would have busted me off . Well luck was on my side :thumbup: and a 10 kg king was in the boat . Sadly it was the only fish for the day.....

Cheers Dogtooth :1fishing1: .... John... :beersmile:



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john ,i logged on to pass on some congratulations,lets just clearup one thing ,is that a broncos hat your wearing cause i just cant go pass that

if it isnt congrats for capturing a quality fish ,thats a cracker mate ,well done

cheers arman

No its not a broncos hat :Funny-Post: . Im a Warriors supporter... John....

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Awsome king there mate, well done!

That king must of went off like a runaway train.

By the quality of kings we all have been reporting the last few months this coming season is going to be a ripper.

I cant wait till sunday im pumped to hit the water myself.


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