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What Fish Got You Hooked


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hey raiders after reading a post by Lure'em he comented on the fish that got him hooked for life

a small bass i think anyway i was thinking off the catch that got me hooked and thought this would be fun

in the 80's i was given a rod by the then father in law and i headed out to the joey on the pittwater side armed with a block off pillys and a hord of gang hooks 4 o i think

just to keep this clear i had fished all my life but i wasent hooked

pilly go out on 4 gang hooks with a ball sinker and i start crushing pillys and start a berly trail

first fish a trev second a bream both keepers next and last fish big lizard about 700 i headed home very pleased but not hooked

next day was my birthday so bugger it i'm going fishing same place same bait only i knew when they were on the bite

end result 7 flathead all good size but none as big as the day before it was at this point i desided i must hunt for a bigger flatty next time

looking back that was the precise time i was well and truely hooked for life

i've been chasing the bigger one next time for 25 odd years now :074:

cherrs gary

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Well, back in the late 1950's, we lived at Cronulla, close to the Gunnamatta Bay ferry wharf. My dad bought me a plastic rod, with a plastic hook and string, and some cardboard fish to 'catch'. Well, I trotted off to the neighbours and he gave me some real fishing line to wind on the reel, and also a couple of hooks. I got a slice of bread and off to the wharf I went to catch some fish. I was 6 yrs old. Caught a bucketfull of slimies and yakkas, when a huge game boat tied up to the wharf and an american man came over and offered to buy the bait off me. Of course I refused, as these were the first fish I had ever caught. The gent was Bob Dyer, a well known TV host and fisho. Well from that day on, I never looked back. I was hooked. Many years later, we had a house which backed onto Gwarley Bay, and they were reclaiming the bay to build a new housing development on it (Sylvania Waters). As a teenager, I caught a swag of huge bream off the 'islands' of mud that they were creating. I have since had several boats, worked for 10 yrs in the water police and broadened my experiences to Snapper, pelagics etc. Used to regularly wave to a younger Ross Hunter when we fished out of Port Hacking in my mates 20ft Bluefin runabout. Never caught a marlin (and never fished for them either) but I am still young enough (barely). I love rockhopping and fishing for blackfish, and recently have had a resurged interest in lure fishing for bream, flatties, whiting etc.

So, no particular species has got me hooked on fishing, just the entire experience.

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Guest Aussie007

early 1990's around 1993 i started fishing chipping norton lake when there were flatties,bream,mullet,garfish,black fish and everything else i was only 12-13 years old at the time i use to ride my push bike from bonnyrigg to chipping norton lake every weekend both saturday and sunday i was very dedicated i would leave around 7am and get there at around 8:15am i would fish the lansvale side everytime catching mostly big mullets around 40cm pulling one in after another i didnt know any better at that age so i used one of those 3 hooks joint together with a smaller single hook thru the eye of the lower hook my bait was bread tiptop worked wonders mixed with a little water and mashed together but the day i remember was when i got paid a cheese burger from mac donalds from my mates fathers mate as he had the whole family on an outing he offered the cheese burger and in return i said ill catch him some fish he baited up so did i he caught a couple of fish the whole day i filled hes bucket with atlease 20-25 mullet i went home happy as larry with 3 mullet in my bucket when i got home i tryed reviving the fish in my bath tub keep in mind i was only 12 or 13 so i didnt know any better and believe it or not i got one to swim :1yikes: one was going around in circles from being in the bucket and one was dead i can bairly remember it but the one that was swimming went into my fresh water fish thank where it later died after that day i was hooked! catching many more fish over about the next 1-2 years than i gave fishing a brake

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Well kings a little bit bit, but for me its definitely the GT's.

Had the chance to fish for them last year and found it the best fishing experience of my life to date, can't wait to have the opportunity to have a crack at some more. Maybe on Nomad :biggrin2:



Edit: Am still after a decent Jewie-once i get one which will probably be on bait im sure i'll want to get a bigger one and another bigger one on lure

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Mine would have to be a good size mullet out of the nepean near a prison of some sort, been dead keen ever sinse.

A bit of fresh bread under a float did the trick.

That was over 35 years ago, that same arvo we hid under a tree in a storm where lightning struck and split the tree in half.



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I never remember catching them as a kid. I just remember motoring back to the wharf in some river in Yamba and staring at the fish the whole way back, the flattys in particular. I remember sitting on a jetty, down the coast in the early morning and having my old granny bring us a cuppa from up the road. I remember fishing down at a creek by myself near a relo's place in the pissing rain and having the biggest bloody mozzies Ive ever seen landing on me. I dont remember all that much but I always remembered I LOOOOOVE FISHING! We never really did it that often but I'd always be dead keen when someone said "u wanna go fishing". Then we just stopped and didnt do it for years, untill about 6 years ago when my stepdad says "hey u wanna go fishing" to which I replied "hell yeah!" That brought all those great memories back and it tweaked in my mind hey I have a freakin car now I dont have to wait for my family to want to do it anymore, so I got back into it myself. So I think its fair to say that I loved the act of fishing and thats what got me hooked, but the one fish in particular I was thinking about all those times was the humble old flatty.

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As a kid i was given that plastic rod with toy fish that had magnets on the mouth. I used to play with it all the time. Then growing up and walking through ***** I used to see the kids rod for $12. When I was 15 I bought that rod with my money but had no idea how to really use it as no one in my family goes fishing.

At that time Rex hunt was on tv and I used to see him use lures to catch fish, so I grabbed a piece of paper, coloured it in with texters, wrappedd it up in sticky tape, and that was my colourful lure :074:

Headed down to parra river haha, and of course I caught nothing with my lure.

Soon after that the news-agency started selling weekly magazines of 'fishing australia' and i began to collected them.

On a family trip at a lake I had my hand caster in with a prawn as bait, I was so angry because I still wasn't catching any fish, I yanked out the hand caster and attached came a bream out of the water, my first fish :D

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I can't remeber what fish got me hooked when I was young but I do remember what fish has cost me lots of money ever since trying to chase. Me and a mate went off the rocks in search of the notorious king fish. Totally under gunned tackle wise and put garfish out on floats on gang hooks. That moment my cork went down and came up, My heart started racing then it just disapeared and as I watched it dive I struck and lets say it didn't last long. However my freind got hit as well and my fingers were shaking so much I could not rerig for the next few minutes as hard as I tried I couldn't tie the knot. I was hooked!

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Like most i have always fished , i remmeber as early as 5-6 and catching bream amonst the factories in Botany Bay, I uncle used to work there and i use to catch fish off the wharf right next to him...

Growing up i went with mates to varous ledges and wharfs but i definately wasnt hooked as we went once a month, We caught Tailor, Sambo's, Trevallies, Bream but the fish that got me hooked was KIngy's.

I went out in a mates boat and i caught my first King, that was about 6 years ago, Since then i have been hooked and dedicated my self to learning how to catch them.......

And now here i am, Have caught heaps and heaps of kings and i still love catching them, I now have caught YFT to 60kg, Marlin, Makos, Big Dollies and to be honest.......Kingyfishing still is the best by far

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