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Soft Plastics Social Day


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What a great turnout from all the Fishraiders and their friends :thumbup:

The day started off overcast and very pleasant with only lightish winds and plenty of parking.

We were fortunate enough to secure a couple of the gazebos at the park and that proved invaluable for all our gear and for Go Fish Pete to set up his mobile tackle shop :biggrin2:

Firstly I would like to thank Donna for organising all the neccessary paper work for our facilitators to run a very professional session.

To our great facilitators Andrew(the iceman)Greg Lee (GregL)Dan Cooper(outdoordan)Tony(slinkymalinky) and Chris (Aero) without whom we could not have made this day such a great success, these gentlemen gave invaluable knowledge to our willing participants gleaned from years of SP fishing.

I had the luxury of walking around supervising the groups and all the feedback I got was 100% positive.

Well done you five and Andrew,Greg and Aero will now be our newest Gold Members for their services to Fishraider, congratulations to all of you.

It was great to meet up with a lot of new members and some that I had already met previously.

Thanks to Go Fish @ Dural for coming along with plenty of freebees and some great rod and reel combos at the entry level as well, I hope that your new purchases from Pete will serve you for yrs to come.

Thanks to everyone who made this day such a pleasure to host as it gives Admin a lot of delight seeing Fishraiders get the skills to make their fishing more enjoyable and hopefully we will see some of you budding SP fishos with some great captures of your own.

Here are some pics of our very professionally run workshop :yahoo:



























Regards Fishraider Admin

Ps It would be very remiss of us not too mention the boaties who brought their rigs along for the members to use.Thanks so much for your efforts as well :thumbup:

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Thanks guys for organising a great day. Janet, James & I had a fantastic time. It was our 1st fishraider social, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I learnt alot today, and hopefully I will get into plenty of fish using the techniques that I learnt today.

Big thank you to Admin for organising the event. Also, a big thank you to the facilitators, who had a wealth of great experience and excellent knowledge . It was also great to see members that I already know, and meet members that I have never met before.

Thanks Pete for a great setup of your mini store.

Looking forward to next time.

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Thanks Fishraiders for a great day and particularly to the Admin team, Donna and Stewy. What an awesome achievement to have such a great group of girls & guys come together on line and on days like today and to have such a great time.

Donna, you're incredible pulling all that together in such a short time. And GoFish Pete, thanks for the support you constantly provide and for always being there when I have money burning a hole in my pocket LOL.

I got to see a raiders first soft plastic fish today from his very first cast ever with a soft plastic... Top effort Damon. I also realized just how challenging it is trying to explain just when how and why to use all the myriad tails and heads that we all collect. Like you said Stewy, keep it simple!!

I hope all the raiders who came along today picked up a few bits and pieces of knowledge that help you along with catching fish on plastics...

Cheers, Slinky

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What a great day

thanks to donna, stewy , gofish pet, and all the experienced members who gave up their time

to instruct the rest of us ,what a wealth of knowledge there must be amongst the fishraiders

thanks tony aka slinky. it was great to see a member in our group catch a flatty on his

First cast with his First soft plastic.

I left about 330 pm so its good to see some of the raiders got to go out in the boats, I didnt think they were going to get out with the weather the way is was

once again thanks to all :1clap:


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Thanks to everyone who organized , ran and worked on this fantastic sp workshop . i cant remember all your names [ im hopeless ]but thanks very much .

looking forward to the kingfish day and i hear theres talk of a beachfishing workshop ,you can put me down for that as well .

well done everyone


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awesome day guys, I personally learned heaps. thanks to all involved, organising an event to run that smoothly and professionally is no mean feat - give yourselves a pat on the back! top day!

special thanks to the iceman andrew who imparted so much knowledge onto our group and to all the other guys who gave up there time and expertise -THANKYOU.


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Great day guys, thanks to the Admin team and the facilitators for putting in their time and sharing their knowledge. Thanks to Greg for always willing to share his knowledge. Thanks to Breamhunter too for taking Raiderfish and myself out for a fish in his boat. The conditions were terrible but we still managed to pull up some fish with Raiderfish getting the fish of the day - will let him put the picture up when he gets the time ...

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A VERY BIG thankyou to Fishraider and its moderators for a great day out. my 2 guest and myself learnt so much about SP fishing, thanks to our group leader Slinky (Tony) for imparting so much of your knowledge.

His advice was so good that my cousin Damon caught a fish on his very first cast with a SP and his new rod bought from the generous Gofish Pete.

Thanks again for all the generosity of everyone involved, it was a wonderful day.

we were a little dissapointed when we got back from fishing landbased around the bay at 5:40pm because we wanted to thank and say goodbye to eveyone as we thought it was finishing at 6:00pm. unfortunately when we got back everyone had left!!!

Anyway here are some pics i took:





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hi there,

just wanted to say thank you to all involved in putting and running the sp workshop. My brother and i had a great day (even though we arrived late) even caught our first flatheads. Thanks also to Stewy, Go fish pete and Tide'n'knots for showing us newbies the ropes.

thanks again for an awesome day out and hope to see you at the next social

Small fry

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A big thanks from Geoff and myself. Chris did a fantastic job on instructing us, we learnt a couple of new knots and showed us that plastics can be much more than what you have when you take them out of the packet by just a few small adjustments/changes. He was very professional an knowledgable.

Huge thanks to Kath, Ross (special thanks to Ross for taking me out for a bit of practical fishing in his boat).

Wow another great Fishraider day and it couldn't happen without Donna and Stewy.

Thank you again all great day. Looking forward to the next outing.

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Thanks again to Donna, Swordie and all the facilitators - especially Andrew, GregL and Slinky

It was a great day :thumbup:

Had lots of fun, lots of tips and new techniques plus got to meet more raiders - all a great group of people.

Special thanks to GoFish pete for last minute supplies - well done!

Learning about plastics then having a go to see in reality what it is all about was a really helpful, even though it meant me bugging Andrew, Greg and Slinky even more about hands on stuff

thanks again!!!!!

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Thanks guys for organising a great day. My 2 mates and i had a great time. It was our 1st fishraider social, and we learnt alot today, hopefully we will get good results using the techniques that we learnt today.

Big thank you to Admin, Donna and Stewy for organising the event, another notch for why FISHRAIDER is a top site. Also, a big thank you to facilitator Chris (AERO), you did a great job explaining and informing us newbies how to get started and using SP, also for taking us on the water and having a crack at what we just leant. great day out, we arrived home all nice and red (burnt) but it was well worth it.


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This was my first Raider social day that I have attended, very cool.....

Nice and laid back with plenty of like minded people willing to share fishing info together, what a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. It was great to meet so many of the names I see on this sight but have never had met face to face.

Gold member status???

Thank you!

Sunday was one of my better fishing days, not many casts, bugger all fish but good time with other raiders.

It was enough with a great feeling of community going out and hopefully helping one of the boys into a few more fish. Now that's what I think it's all about......








Thanks for a great day Raider Admin, well done for a well run day.



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To all the organisers, teachers & members,,,It was great to feel part of a club as soon as we introduced ourselves.

Stewy aren`t you a hoot ! Your joy of life is rearly seen.

Our teaher, "OUTDOOR DAN" spoke with great knowledge & obvious passion for all fishing styles.

A special thank to him, and all the other members.

I might even cast in the SP`s donated by GOFISH tomorrow morning, land based at Botany Bay.

Great Event, When do we do it again !

Regards & Thanks


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It was a great day and a pleasure to show fellow fishraiders a few tricks

I get a lot out of this site and an opportunity to give something back wasnt going to be missed

Hopefully you guys will now have a bit more confidence to leave the bait at home and get some fish on plastics

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It was a great day and a pleasure to show fellow fishraiders a few tricks

I get a lot out of this site and an opportunity to give something back wasnt going to be missed

Hopefully you guys will now have a bit more confidence to leave the bait at home and get some fish on plastics

Loved your talk yesterday Andrew, really learnt alot. Thanks again mate :thumbup:

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yeah, big thanks to the organisers Donna, Stu etc. Thanks to Greg for his advice and tips regarding soft plastics.

This was the first fishraiders thing I've been to and you guys are a great bunch of people.

Cheers Breamhunter for taking us out on the Quinny for a few hours and Thanks Pmak for both the pic of my biggest SP Lizard to date as well as the camo worms to catch him on!!!!

If I can work out how to post that pic ..... I will!

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Well done Stewy and the rest of the raiders for a great day out :thumbup:

I had a great time giving my group the rundown of SP's and taking them out for a few casts on the boat. I beleive being confident with your SP fishing is a major part of getting results, and I feel my group are now more than able to get out there and find some fish on plastic.

It was great to put some names to faces, and give back to the site after the wealth of information I've attained from here over the years.

Well done again guys, and thanks again for a great day out.


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