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Coffs Harbour Holiday Report


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We recently got back from Coffs, up there fpr 3 weeks and some excelent fishing.

Didnt come home empty handed on one trip.

First day out headed out to try for some livies, only managed 1 very small mackeral, so off th the fad we went, within 2 minutes dollie takes one and only livey and we end up with this the smallest of our dollies.


Ended up with 3 other dolphin fish this day on the troll on shelf, this one caught by my wife Lisa and the biggest of our trip going 10kg.post-4064-1231917739_thumb.jpg

Next trip we once again headed to the shelf wide to 500fathoms and 30 mile north for zeros, so we headed back towards home and got another dollie on troll about 7kg.Reset lures and continue to troll in around 50 fathoms and long rigger goes off, by time lines were cleared about 300m of line is gone , up comes this monster of a marlin, its a blue i yell as i start the fight, shortly after i see some splashes near the marlin then the line goes loose, a dolphin swam through the line and cut us off, so off swins the marlin with my favourite lure, wind on and about 30m line.

Next trip out with the boys for mixed bag of snapper and reefies and another dollie that went 5.5kg.

Inside the one of the dollies i found this


A baby marlin, i couldnt believe it, the dorsal fin was there and the bill was rough.

Next trip with Lisa to the shelf we trolled all day along shelf, then went inside to where some bait was, drifted with livers out for 2 hours for nothing so back onto the troll, within 30 min short corner goes off and i give rod to Lisa with a marlin hooked while i clear the decks.Shortly after she has a nice stripe marlin aprox 60kg boatside, tag goes in and i trace fish to get hooks out, but he wasnt done yet, thraching next to boat with a fast whip of tail it came uo the side of the boat and hits the bbq regulator with its bill and snaps it in half so reg and bottle is floating out to sea. Hooks removed and swam him for a few minutes and off it swam back dowm to the deep.

Lisa got her first marlin and we had a ripper of a trip.

Cheers Luke.



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sounds like a great trip mate well done...

when you had the blue on dont be surprised if it was another fish striking the lure that had worked its way up the line as it has happened before.

sounds like a good fish too..

incidently did u happen to keep that baby marlin and freeze it?

julian pepperell and the gang would certainly be very interested in it if you have




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incidently did u happen to keep that baby marlin and freeze it?

julian pepperell and the gang would certainly be very interested in it if you have


Hi Col, no i didnt keep and freeze it, looking back i should have, however i did leave it to a local who was interested in it.

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I was going to ask you how have you been,and if anyone has raised any beakies out at the Kiama canyons,but you sounds like you've had your hands full up there in Coffs,sounds like a great trip. I can only hope i have the same success in S.W.R on the 6th feb.Going up with searabbit,and another mate so we'll have three boats covering a bit of ground.Nice big dollie like your beauties will do fine.Well done


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