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South West Rocks?


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HI mate, dont want to put you off, but a mate of mine came back about 2 weeks ago and recons he had the worst trip hes had in the last 10 years of fishing swr.

Combined with this low presure and the feeback i have received I would be reconsidering the journey mate.

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heading up to south west roks on sunday for the week..i know its been pissing down at the moment but has anyone been up there recently? know whats about?

wish i never asked...still gona go jst hope for the best..

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hi mate i had booked in this week as well spoke to swr coast guard and no good reports there i postphoned untill the week after school holidays but let me know how u go bet i think if u do get across the bar there will be more fresh water than salt might be a few jews washed down river but good luck.

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Hi I'm heading to South West Rocks for easter and made the decision not to take the boat, so the bar should be flat as.

Up there the week before last and there were a lot of blackies moving along the breakwall so even with the current flood conditions they should move into the river with the run in tide near the mouth. Likewise the bream fishing should be ok. Also try the mouth of the creek for blackies on the run in tide.

The other place worth a try in the flood conditions is the northern end of Smokey Cape Beach for bream, whiting and flathead which accumulate after being flushed out of the river and creek.

Big problem will be if the council open the flood gates on the lower Maclaey. This will release toxic water into the river, a mixture from acid sulphate soil and the decomposing organic matter thats been rotting above the flood gates consuming all the oxygen. There have been some huge fishkills in the river in some floods.

One time the water was so bad it killed everything including the weed beds and after about 8 years these are just growing back in many places.

Lets hope the weather backs of and lets us fish.


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mate things can change overnight

we went up in feb

leading up it was crap but the fishing was good when we were there

and then a week later it was crap again

dont be put off mate just fish for wat is biting

focus on the fish that like those conditions

you need to flexible and have enough gear to cover a few bases

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hello,i fished up there on the 13-14th of march the river was dirty from previous rain but the bream didnt mind!i fished around stuarts point wich is out of the main river flow. i used poppers on the flats all weekend and had the best day fishing ive had on the sun,my mates fished outside on the same days and got some nice snapper,pearl perch,tuna,dolphin fish and a small mack.never let the weather beat you mate :1fishing1:

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