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" Kings " Botany Bay 27 / 05 / 08


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Hi Everyone ,

It has been over a month since I last fished Botany Bay so I planned to have a look to see if any kingfish were still lurking around . My apprentice for the day was Mick and I was keen to get him hooked up to a fish as he fishes twice a year if he is lucky and had never fished with me before .

We set off early and went to chase some live bait , It was a struggle but in the end we had a handfull of bait .

The first bait was in the water for less than 5 minutes and the rod buckled and a 80cm king was boated….. :thumbup: It was now Micks turn on the rod and before he knew it he was connected to a kingfish it was soon boatside and netted it went 75 cm and was the biggest fish he had ever caught :yahoo: . We managed another 2 kings before we ran out of bait for the day .

As we started to head back to the ramp we found a school of fish smashing bait on the surface so we cast a few lures and pulled out 3 tailor the biggest going 50cms and lost some even bigger ones that threw the hooks , lots of fun on the 2kg rods ….


80 cm King


Micks 75 cm King Biggest fish ever . New PB


Chopper Tailor



Cheers …… Dogtooth :1fishing1: …….. John :beersmile: …………..

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Well done on the kingfish Dogtooth .....I'll bet you continue to use the old punt for old time sake even when you finish off the big game boat..... :thumbup:


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

Thanks again for that Hacking session John, it will be my turn to shout next time...

I would like to have seen what that unstoppable shark was, even if I had wire on I don't think another five minutes trying to get some control would have made any difference.

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