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Georges River 22.6.09

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put the boat in at Revesby beach and head towards Lugarno

the rain had stopped and the wind was kind , all things looking good

after 2 hours of casting we finally get a few nibbles , but that was it

very quiet for a while and then Dad struggles to land this monster


any ideas ? baby Jewie ?


a while later he's on again , reel is screaming now , get the gaff


then it's flattie time , massive head shakes and we get the old girl on board


Dad then lands a whiting but it was too big to fit in the pic

we were going so good we decided to leave this spot and head for the Moons

found a nice deep hole , around 48 feet deep and my hopes were high

first cast and I feel some weight, taking no line but a few head shakes , probably a flathead

it was , and at 40 cms it was the only legal fish of the day ,all released


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Shame it was a bit quiet for you and your dad this time robeebee. Anyway, judging by the photos it was beautiful and calm on the water. Great photos by the way too.

A good way to spend a Monday!



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Thats a crazy looking fish your dad is holding in the first pic.

You guys are on fire. At least you got on the water and scored.


This is what they look like when they grow up. Amazing. As a kid i thought they could fly.


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Good onya mate, after a big build up I guess you could say that it was a bit of a let down,

however you were out on the water on a beautiful day and you did get a few nibblers,

and I see there was a bit of cough medicine out there too, (last pic on the left)..


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Robee, at least it makes me feel better after an hour or 2 under CC bridge yesterday....managed a 20cm flatty and a 20 cm whiting on plastics....twas very quiet. Looks like a great day out for you and Dad despite the bag being a bit light on!

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