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Browns 26-6-09


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Hi all,

Heres some pics of the fish we got at Browns 2day. Any1 know if that

Tuna is a Bluefin?

Full report after I get home from work late morn, Sat.




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Well done penguin.Sick bluefin! SICK ! What a magnificent catch.

I'm sure that you've made every raider jealouse.Must have given one hell of a fight,can't wait to hear.


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That's definately a southern bluefin, approx 65-70kg. very nice fish and also a fairly rare catch off Sydney. They are mainly an early morning feeder before sun rise.

Well Done

Fish of a life time right there... :thumbup:

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Crackin' fish, John! :thumbup: That photo in the bath is a pearler :1yikes: Topped off with a couple of nice gemmies. Looks like you had a terific day on the water, mate. Looking forward to the report, when your arms stop burning, your back stops aching and your hands stop tremblin! :biggrin2:



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Hi everyone,

Heres some more info,

We fished at Browns yesterday, got there at around 2.15pm, we started a cube trail

on the South Western side of the mount. I dropped a rig to the bottom, and set out some

half pillies on 2 Tiagra 50s and a Tyrnos 30. I bring up the bottom rig after 5mins

and we have 2 Gem fish. As we are re baiting this rig, the Tyrnos starts to lose line slowly.

I give it a few secs then strike, then all hell broke loose, the reel lost line at breakneck speed.

We thought we were gonna get spooled as we had lost so much 24kg mono. The fish slowed

eventually and we got most of our line back, then he took off again and we were havin

thoughts of being spooled again. We got our line back again, the fish fought hard for the

first hour up near the surface, during the 2nd hour of the fight he took a huge run down deep,

and there he tried to stay, up we brought him, and down he would go. After a little over 2hrs

we saw him as he circled a few mtrs below our boat, inch by inch I got him near and saw that

MASSIVE head. :1yikes: The gaff found its mark and after a rope was put around his tail we hauled

him on board. We high fived and yahood out loud as we gazed at this beast at our feet.

As it was dark now we set off for port. We took the fish to my local bait & tackle store 2day and

put him on the scales. He pulled the scales down to 70kg, took him home and we then filleted

him. Lots of Tuna steaks were shared amongst our families and neighbours, everyone's happy. :thumbup:

Heres a couple more pics.

165cm and 70kg



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