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Favourite Eating Fish


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Mine would have to be blue eye cod.... mmmmmmmmmmmm delicious. with some chermoulah seasoning and a roast vege salad... delicious and healthy.

whats everyone elses favourite eating fish?

sorry if this has been done before

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Hey Guys

Coral Trout, no contest. In the words of Rex Hunt "Absolutely Magnificent".

Next, Mud crabs, particularly Singapore chilli crab, and don't ever forget straight out of the pot, no flavours added and just eaten with fresh bread and butter.

Third Sashimi, any sashimi!!!, we even take wasibi and soy on the boat, the first decent Trevor or kingy unlucky enough to fall foul of our lures/bait is promptly dispatched and devoured raw on the spot, preferable with a few :beersmile::beersmile::beersmile: Almost makes us sound like feral primitives. I'm kinda guessing we are.

Was going to stick to the three but just had one other thought and one which I think hasn't really been addressed on FR before:-

"Canned Sardines"

in tomato source, on toast of a weekend morning. In the words of "Con the Fruitier" "Beeeeeeuatiful".

Note not recommended for newly weds or under 7 year relationships as Wifey will not come any where near you for quite a while, or come to think of it, if you need Wifey to go away, eat sardines by the truckloads. :biggrin2::biggrin2::biggrin2:


Trapper Tom

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Most fish can taste great if treated well when caught,cleaned in salt water & cooked the right way.

Suprisingly one of my favourites is slab of freshly caught Albacore,cut in slices,marinated lightly

in sweet chilli sauce,soy sauce & honey,then on the hot plate for a couple of minute's.

Awesome!! doesnt taste too fishy,but it doesnt taste much like chicken to me either:1prop:



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Any of these - Red emperor and Barramundi salt water only from the fish markets...... Rock Cod .......Tarwhine........ Bull shark.......Yellowbelly from restaurant tank......lemon sole flounder and roe...Chinamans leather jacket.... Any of the flathead species around 60cms.....mackeral........ jewfish over 5killos........ blackfish...... blue swimmer crabs.... Boiled sea or bull mullet white sauce.....Octopus marinated overnight in red wine, white vinegar and pepper with gelatine added makes tasty octopus jelly......


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Notting wrong with the good old Flattie !

As well as Snapper + Trevally i like them as well ..

But out of all my favorite sea food isnt a fish its the good old squid ... with a bit of salt * Drools * :1prop:

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I'm a bit spoilt since I've moved a bit north. :biggrin2:

My faves for cooking.

Red Throat Emporer.

Pearl Perch.



I still really enjoy a feed of Flatties. I like Jew but the :wife: doesn't. The slab of Greasy Cod that Slinky caught was sensational as well.

The whole family loves very fresh Yellowfin Tuna sashimi. :thumbup:



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