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First Jew Caught On The Beach - 14kg


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I am completely buzzing. Its 4am and I've just taken every shelf out of the fridge to fit in a 14kg 110cm Jew fish.

Had to stand it on its head.

You can imagine my wife's WTF when I woke her at 3am holding a monster Jew in our bedroom. She didn't actually know I had gone out fishing so she was extra startled. I think she literally shouted What the F%$k is That!

Special thanks goes to the people on this forum that helped me put the first few pieces of the puzzle together. tide'n'knots and Jewgaffer get special mention.

Here are some of the little facts that played lesser or greater part in me hooking then landing the Jew.

Mainline: 14lbs braid

Leader: 20lbs fluoro

Hooks: Snelled 6/0 Octopus circle then 6/0 Octopus (both were hooked deep in mouth)

Reel: 4500 Bait runner

Drag: Set to fighting drag before hookup

Tide: Rising

Location: A beach near a gutter

Barometer: 1020

Bait: Butterfly yakka

And finally: just felt very fishy tonight

It was great fun especially with gear stretched to the limit. There were some big fast runs and solid head shakes. For some time I wasn't sure if I wasn't going to get it back to the beach. Took lots of line off the spool and she had lots of stamina.

Have a great Sunday at the social everyone. I'll try and drop past so I can put some names to faces.




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sensational stuff ben!!

its about that time when the jew will start to come up the river around brooklyn - it might be time for a trip in the boat!

thats a great effort from the beach on only your second attempt. I can relate to you waking the missus to show off you jew - i felt the same way when i got my first. they will start to come a bit easier now, with every jew you catch you learn a little more. keep up the great work mate, persistence pays off!


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