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First Time Deep Sea Fishing


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WELL I grabbed the opportunity and was glad to tag along with a mate to do some deep sea fishing, as I have never done it before.... We were targeting Blue Eye and Gemfish….

The boat ride which took approximately 30km offshore or 1.5hrs, was a bit painful on the legs and pretty wet due to the swell....

On the way there I spotted out a good dozen birds, catapulting into the water like torpedos, snatching bait fish (slimy macharel)...

My friend immediately threw x2 skirts and x2 deep divers to troll, hoping something would grab it....

Passing the school of bait fish several times, we saw something chasing the fish BUT could not figure out what it was...

Finally we managed to pin point that there was a group of seals chasing the bait fish.... Disappointed!!!!!

As a result we packed up immediately and continued our journey to Browns....

Upon arrival I was amazed to see 10+ boats floating in the middle of nowhere…

My first drop I managed to land a wopper of a Blue Eye Cod, being at 75cm and around 5-6kg…. It was the biggest of the day….


In total we picked up x6 Blue Eye Cod, x1 Gemfish & x1 shark in a matter of 4hrs….


On one of the encounters we landed something huge and it was evident as the electric real was struggling and for the first time I saw the heavy duty rod flex properly a number of times…. After a good 10-15min of fighting with the fish, we only had 20m to go…. ALL of a sudden the rod bent so hard and next thing we heard the heavy duty mono line snap….

I chucked a tantrum, as I wanted to see this big creature from the deep, and we spent the next 5min discussing what it could have been…. Short time later we found out what it was, as the boat was being circled by a huge 3-3.5m Maco shark (150kg as my friend said), even though, to me it looked like a Great White… BUT what would I know, he has more experience….

As a result we quickly filleted the Gemfish, attached a mammoth hook with a trace and threw the carcass overboard anticipate a good fight to end the day… UNFORTUNATELLY we had no luck….

Overall a fun, different, unusual day spent fishing with electric reels…. I must admit that fishing with eggbeaters is much more exciting…. BUT in the end we managed to score a GREAT feed….

BOY the Blue Eye cod was tasty….

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down south they have hooked and landed big southern bluefin tuna around bait boils with seals in attendence.

you should have trolled a little bit longer it might have paid off.

Yeah sure blue eye and gem fish are good eating buuuuuttttt come on blue fin sashimi

tuna in the 80kg+ range will feed alongside seals without a blink of the eye

yeah sure seals might steal kingys but not a 100kg bluefin

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THANKS fellas.....

@ scaffsta - Lets hope it doesnt happen again :) Im going out again this Monday, fingeres crossed i pull in a monster OR even that shark that ate my big blue eye....

@ fishbog - We trolled for a good 45min around the bait fish with no luck.... BLUE FIN SASHIMI, oh dont tell me, im salivating :) hope to catch one of those "one day".....

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Guest Big-Banana

tuna in the 80kg+ range will feed alongside seals without a blink of the eye

yeah sure seals might steal kingys but not a 100kg bluefin

Speak to the guys that fish Tassie, they might tell you otherwise.

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Hey Scaffsta

With Joco,s report was trying to lead him to the fact that the FR record is at 88cm as its a damn good fish.

Suggest you do not be lazy, post a report so all FR can enjoy the how and when and reckon you will have the record at 120cm easily.

Subject to the Big Kahuna's blessing of course (ie Slinky).

PS 120 cm brilliant.

Trapper Tom.

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THANKS guys.......

Next time i will concentrate more on the bait ball...

UMMMMM for some strange reason i did not measure or weigh the Gemfish.....

It was way over 80cm for sure (taking a guess it was probably close to 1m mark)....

I was too focused on filleting the Gemfish and throwing the carcas overboard, trying to catch that Mako shark......

Next time!!!!!

See you fellas on the water..... Anyone need an extra deck hand, more then happy to tag along, send me a PM.....

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