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Night Fishing At Roseville Bridge


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Hi all,

long time member, occasional poster. Hit the Roseville bridge this evening to fish the run in tide. Burleyed hard with bread and prawn bits and fished close to the shore using a handline. (8lb mono) Got a few nibbles and let a couple of undersized fish go before I felt a small tap and something dragging my bait. I let him take some line and then gave it a yoink.

Bang the line goes flying of and in the slippery conditions he kept on taking it. Eventually I used the handline to wind in the line and beached this nice fish. After the top of the tide it went dead and we packed up and drove home.

Thanks for reading,


post-738-004083600 1288961103_thumb.jpg

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Great catch! Looks like plenty-of-fun and I'm plenty-jealous ;)

Don't want to rain on the parade but... are the fish at Roseville affected by the pollution problems in Homebush? Is it safe to eat that monster single handedly or is it a 150gram portion control thing as recommended?

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